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02/01/2023 12:57 PM 

Prompt - Lobo Fantasma pt2

"You don't see me" & "You could have died" - Dealer's choice.

Large blue irises looked up at him, her face holding a blank expression. Her skin was pale, nearly rivaling his lack of pigment. His jaw clenched as he tossed the heart onto the man's corpse and sighed at his bloodied hand. "I never think to bring a towel or anything..." he muttered before lowering himself into a squatting position and using the man's shirt to clean most of the blood from his hand. Then, glancing over his shoulder at her, he took a deep breath. Wolf. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You could have died." He hissed at her, knowing damn well he could've attacked her without realizing she wasn't one of the three men. "You're lucky I didn't rip your heart out too."

The petite brunette shrugged her shoulders softly. "The blood caught my attention." She said as she looked around at the bodies. "I wasn't expecting to find a vampire." She backed away several steps, her eyes locked on his. "But, you don't see me... I was never here. I saw nothing." Talon could tell she was nervous, making a devious smirk appear on his lips. 

"Oh, calm down. I just had a bone to pick with this guy." He said, kicking the lifeless body with the toe of his boot. His eyes looked back to her, the evil smirk fading from his lips. "If I didn't see you, you didn't see me." He shrugged as he turned on his heels to leave the crime scene. 


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