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Return of Evil post 3

Return of Evil
Wicket /1706817
Dustin was so happy to see Suzie after all this time. They spent a bit catching up when she showed signs of being tired. Dustin insisted that she stay here. He gave her the spare keys to the house and left her be for a bit. He reluctantly said his goodbyes for now, but decided to go check out the lay of the land in Hawkins. He'd not been home in over ten years, so he had to see what sort of structural changes had been made to the place he grew up.

So many things were different as far as he could tell. Even the smallest detail had not gone unnoticed by the young man who had been a young boy on these streets. Dustin had various memories assault his conscious mind as he made his way through Hawkins. He could nearly imagine himself a chubby kid again with his favorite hat smashed down over his curls pedaling his bicycle as fast as he could. He sat at a light taking in the nostalgia. His radio started playing Boot Scootin' Boogie as he waited for the light to change.

He was singing along with a bit of a hum at first. After the light changed he started singing louder and tapping on the steering wheel just obsessing over the country music rise of the 1990s. The tune was a catchy one. Dustin was getting into it a little too much for his own good. He made the hand over hand turn that took him on the road that many used to come back into town. He recalled that the Sheriff's Office was close by. That would be a great place to start to find his old friends, many of whom he'd not seen in 10 years.

Oh, heel toe dosey doe come on baby let's go boot scootin'. Yeah, Cadillac, Black Jack baby meet me outback we're gonna boogie Dustin was singing along rather loudly now being a bit too careless with his driving. He slammed on his brakes a bit rapidly making his wheels squeal. As he plopped back down, coming back to his senses, he turned the music down. He saw a Camaro being pulled over by a police officer. Getting closer he realizes that it was Max who had pulled over Billy. It was the ultimate irony.

Another car was coming that passed Max and Billy by as she pulled him over. Dustin caught a glimpse of who it was. His face went blank. "MIKE!" He shouted in the car. Even though he shouted he knew Mike couldn't hear him. Instead of continuing his trip, Dustin parked his car on the other side of the road.

He stepped out slowly making sure the car was off and the doors were shut. He didn't want to impede Max from doing her job of course. He stood on the road itself leaning against his car. His arms were crossed over one another. Max and Billy would acknowledge him soon enough. Maybe Mike would have realized that Dustin was back and possibly come back. He had not heard any details about the cheerleader's murder. He was waiting so that Max or someone would tell him what was happening in town. There had to be a reason why he felt this way being back home.

As he waited, he had to smile at the poetic justice of Billy getting pulled over for speeding. The mental images from the past of him dodging Billy nearly running over him came back to his memory. Dustin couldn't help but gloat just a tad bit. Karma was certainly a bitch.
"Never Change Dustin Henderson. Promise Me."
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