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Lost and Found

Earth-2; Gotham City

The constant rumblings in the sky over the home of The Batman were growing in feral intensity. The night sky was dominated by pockmarks out of the very air itself. The Warp Space between Earth and a hellish world called Apokolips was starting to collapse. Star shaped portals called boomtubes were opening up in the skies over Gotham as well as in its streets. There wasn't very much time left.

Evil creatures from Apokolips known as Parademons were pouring through these holes in an endless sea of terror straight from the nightmares of every human alive. They had jagged fangs and claws upon their digits that were far more terrifying than a thousand knives. Their high pitched wails shattered eardrums as they descended on an unsuspecting population of the home of the Wayne Family. Death came to Gotham City.

In the heart of the city stood Wayne Enterprises Science Division. Inside a particular chamber, the Caped Crusader Batman was working diligently on something that was a Hail Mary. If it worked correctly, the invading monsters would be sucked back through the portals to hell where they belonged. Bruce Wayne was running out of options and he was running out of time. This was going to be his legacy just as the world was dying. Everything he believed in was being tested.

As he was working, his biological daughter Helena who fought crime as his heir, The Huntress, was attempting to cover him while he was working. "Are you ready yet?" She had her crossbow ready and was taking out as many parademons as she could, all things considered. She was a smart kid with the best of both worlds all up until now. She was wearing an iron gauntlet that she used for a fist fight with these monsters who were taking a lot out of her.

Bruce Wayne was working as fast as he could. One wrong calculation could mean the difference between wiping out the entire planet or just eliminating these minions of the master of Apokolips, Darkseid. Out of the corner of his eye, he regarded his daughter. She was standing there unflinching as hell was literally on Earth. The parademons were going down in steady rows by the grim determination that was etched on the features of the Huntress. She was fighting for all she was worth. Bruce knew he'd done something right to have her as his daughter. That was when he made his choice. The machine started to power up slowly with a low hum. "Hurry! We don't have much time." He shouted to her.

Helena heard her father's tone. Something about it had changed. She didn't have time to think it over when a parademon attacked her just as she faced her father. She screamed in agony as the beast's claws tore into her flesh. Her right shoulder was wounded and her right arm went numb. She scrambled to her father as quickly as she could.

"HELENA!" He shouted as he raced toward her. He pulled her back to his safe bubble in the control panel. Once he had her in his arms, he tried to become the hard nosed drill sergeant who taught her everything she knew. "That was careless!" He still had a father's heart when it came to his daughter. He kissed her forehead like he did so often when she was a little girl. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. I love you Helena. Be a good girl and never forget me.

Helena was confused by what was happening around her. "Wha?" Her question hung in the air as the bluest of blue lights surrounded her. It became so bright she was temporarily blinded. Her senses were reeling.


Earth 616, [MCU]

When she opened her eyes again, she was in what looked like her father's lab, but actually was abandoned. The name on the wall in faded script was Bishop Security. It looked as though it had seen better days. She couldn't focus on what was happening. Her arm still hurt and it was still numb. Damn Parademons. She muttered. Helena started to stagger into the street.

She was still in full costume as The Huntress as she started to wander down the street. People passed her by without a second glance. She kept trying to focus on Gotham Landmarks she knew but found none. There were no signs of destruction nor were there signs of any activity connected to the invasion of Earth.

Where was she? This was Gotham but it wasn't. It almost looked like New York City. To her recollection New York City wasn't this big. She kept stumbling forward trying to find where she was. All the while, as she tried to move forward she was losing blood. She came across a building that had a plaque on it that she was trying to read.

"Battle of New York?" On her Earth there was a war, but who were the people listed? She spoke not expecting anyone to answer her. It wasn't too much longer after that, Helena passed out right on the ground in front of this monument due to blood loss. An ambulance was summoned by a Good Samaritan and Helena was taken to be treated.


Helena woke up with a throbbing headache. She was lying on a bed, with her arm patched up with a complete bandage and a hospital gown on instead of her costume. Her face was exposed and her identity uncovered. "Aw sh*t…" She hissed through slightly swollen lips. She was stuck right where she was.

Now the question remained; how was she going to get out of here? She couldn't stay here too long. It would risk everything. Her Dad had told her that there were other worlds. This had to be one of them. She needed to get back home, if only she knew how.
Shooting Star
Helena Wayne
The Huntress of Earth 2.


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