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01/23/2023 08:05 PM 

where is he?

Hope had grown up with both her parents and her older brother. so the fact that she woke up one day to her dad being gone, was strange in its own but what was even stranger was his ship still at the dock. where could he be? Suppose that nothing was to strange for a town filled with fairytale characters. She  remember the day clearly the town was covered in a thick fog, which for being a town by the sea wasn't to out of the ordinary, but something about the day felt off.  
 Years passed and Hope missed her dad more and more as the days passed.  As she got older she begun to look more like her father from what she remembered. she honestly had some amazing memories but her favorite stories of him where the ones before she was born.   
Her favorite place to be since her father had disappeared  has been his ship. Honestly since there wasn't anyone her age in the town if she wasn't in school, or working at granny's she was at his ship. She was happiest there  she felt connected to her father there. Hope was given a necklace by her father when she was born, she never went anywhere without it . One day she went to the ship as usual but today was different. The moment she stepped on the ship her necklace begun to glow.  She laid on a nearby bed and looked at her necklace. 


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