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01/23/2023 11:33 PM 

that way.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

that way.
Run me in circles like you always do Mess with me on purpose, so I'll hang on to you I know what you mean when you act like that But you don't know it's breaking my heart Said that it was just never gonna happen Then almost kissed me in the dark Every time we talk, it just hurts so bad 'Cause I don't even know what we are I don't even know where to start But I can play the part

Still can't tell If we both mean well Keep me guessing If this is life or hell Think I might've said too much, bit the dust Now I'm kinda dizzy Overthinking us, until I'm drunk And sick of this whole city Don't know where to start Don't know how to hold my heart And if we're really what we say we are, then why is this so hard?
"And sick of this whole city."
Betty's cool demeanor softened at his touch as he dropped a light kiss on her forehead as a means of consolation for frightening her with his choice in themes of discourse. He did this as a method of making up for scaring her with his choice in topics of conversation. This was his way of making up for the fact that the subjects of discussion he had with her had caused her to feel uncomfortable. She was taken aback by the fact that she unexpectedly felt vulnerable under his gaze in a way that she was not used to feeling, and the fact that he admitted that it was normal to be plagued by things struck a chord within her. Due to the manner in which she was educated, it went against every fiber of her being to be able to speak it, acknowledge her inadequacies, and reveal her weaknesses; but, she knew that he was correct deep down. She just was unable to bring herself to acknowledge it. Betty held herself to the same unachievable standard that everyone else in Riverdale believed the Coopers to have set because they were the paragon of perfection throughout all of Riverdale's history. Betty believed that the Coopers had set the standard for what it meant to be a perfect family in Riverdale. This had a significant impact on almost every aspect of Betty's life. When her hands reached his, they immediately started to work their way inside in a safe manner, and at that same time, she let out a thoughtful sigh.

It was pointless to dispute her claim that she was not keeping anything from him for an excessive amount of time because he knew her too well and could see through the deception she was telling both him and herself in an instant. She was telling him and herself that she was not keeping anything from him. "I have no doubt in my mind that you are..." She brought herself back under control as she thought about what the next statements should be. "Jug, at this point in time, I'm not worried about myself at all. Now that her father is involved once again, I am worried for Archie, as well as you, Kevin, and V in addition to myself. Since I am constantly concerned about Polly and everyone else who is important to me, I just don't have the time to think about myself since I don't have the opportunity to do so."  In answer, all she could muster was a feeble shrug.

"I just cannot put up with the fact that I feel so helpless. When I was initially dealing with Archie's dad, and then when I was dealing with your dad, I couldn't just stand by and do nothing when there was a solution there in front of me. The same goes went when I was dealing with everything else. As a result, I just carried out the actions that, in my view at the moment, were essential. " She chewed on her lower lip as she peered into his eyes, trying to read either approval or rebuke for the brutal honesty that she had just shown. "Knowing Cheryl as well as I do, I can promise that I haven't seen the last of her; after all, she is a Blossom,"   As she thought about the notorious family as a whole and the complicated history that her family shared in common with the Cooper lineage, she rolled her eyes and gave a sigh of exasperation.

"But there's nothing that's beyond my control," she said.

It was impossible to argue against the reality that he was right in what he stated since there was no way to do so. Betty had the mistaken idea that the self-proclaimed watcher wouldn't be able to see right through her masquerade. She was under the impression that she needed to be the steadfast protector for everyone else, except for herself. When it came to letting others help her when she needed it the most or letting them see the darkest parts of her, she had a history of failing miserably at both of these tasks.

She was taken aback when he addressed her worries in a manner that led her to the conclusion that she need his reassurance since she had a habit of keeping her worries to herself. Not only was her worry for Jughead's safety of the utmost importance in her mind, but also the fact that her him  move to the South Side was more permanent than she had anticipated was one of the things that she found most disturbing about the situation. Betty had not even realized that she was terrified of losing him in other ways; yet, she allowed herself to linger in the possibilities, even though they often creeped up on her without her asking them to do so. 

They traded places; she was the one who was hesitant to speak up about her feelings, and he was the one who reassured her that everything was going to be well in spite of everything that was working against them. Their roles were reversed. "It's a difficult situation..." In the end, she confessed, her tone being unusually quiet as she struggled to determine who she was in the present time. Betty said, "Perhaps I'm Just Nervous Because Talking About Things Makes Me Feel Open and Vulnerable at a Time When I Don't Feel Like I Can Afford to Be"   A shrug of her shoulders could be observed accompanying her statements at the same time. "There is a serial murderer on the loose, but I can't allow that make me fearful because then he would have already prevailed. If I give in to my fear, then he will have already won. As soon as I give in to my natural tendency to worry about anything, I find that my state of discomfort quickly permeates every facet of my existence."
Don't know how to hold my heart,


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