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01/23/2023 11:08 PM 

RP Wish List

I have a few ideas of story lines ideas I would love to do at some point.  They're undevloped and somewhat generalized for flexibility reasons.  I'm not a "we have to discus a sl down to every last detail" sort of person.  

1. An AvX that doesn't suck.  Like why did just give X-Men become Phoenix hosts?  Shouldn't some Avengers become hosts?  It would make as much sense as Echo becoming Phoenix. 

2. Faitytale Versions.  In Uncanny, Kitty made up a fairytale version of the Dark Phoenix saga for little Illyana.  Basically that, whether it is the interpretation of another major story arc (Civil War Iron Man as a Sheriff of Nottingham archetype comes to mind...)

3.  Dystopian AU/Future.  I love dystopian parallel universes and/or futures.  Gimme something classic sci-fi.  Philip K D*ck, Logan's Run, something in that realm. 



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