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01/23/2023 01:38 PM 

An Armed Meeting
Category: Stories

“This is breaking news. An unidentified…”
Like everyone else, Lois was glued to the tv screen in her home where she was sitting cross-legged on her bed with papers, pens, phone and a laptop strewn about her.

‘You are not alone.'
'You are not alone.'
'You are not alone.'
'You are not alone.’

“It's coming in on the RSS feeds.” 

'You are not alone.’

The reporter’s phone began buzzing. She picked it up, glanced at it, and put it back down again. An automated alert bulletin shared with the public. Yeah…way to make everyone /not/ panic, the young woman said aloud in the empty room. Her attention went back to the big screen.

‘My name is General Zod. I come from a world far from yours. I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. For some time, your world has sheltered one of my citizens. I request that you return this individual......to my custody. The fate of the planet rests in your hands.
To Kal-El, I say this: Surrender within 24 hours......or watch this world suffer the consequences.’


“All right. You've got our attention. What is it you want?” General Swanwick addressed the man floating above.

“I would like to speak to Lois Lane.”

Every television in the Planet’s newsroom was tuned into the big event - where Superman - as Lois had dubbed him in her story about his saving her, hovered in the sky above a garrison of the strongest military on earth, calmly, as if he was addressing a Starbucks barista instead of a United States General with the capacity to shoot basically anything he wanted in the caped man’s direction. But, everyone knew this was no ordinary man. All eyes in the Daily Planet fell upon Lois - causing an uncharacteristic red-tinge to her pale features. She shrugged the statement off, unconvincingly.
“What? He caught me from the sky in mid air. It’s not completely crazy that he’s decided to make me a condition of his surrender.”

Perry was about to say something when his phone rang. As he listened to the caller, Lois began gathering up her things. She already knew he’d tell her to get the hell down there, and even if he didn’t, she’d do it anyway.
“Lois?” He yelled as he put the phone down.
“Mhm, I’m going.” She slung her bag over her shoulder.
“You’re right, and you’re getting a military escort. The helicopter will be on the roof in a few minutes.”
‘Another helicopter……just great’, Lois murmured as she grabbed her coat from the back of her chair and headed towards the elevator.

The escort to the interrogation room at the Peterson Air Force Base was as silent as the helicopter ride there. Tensions were so high you could feel it in the air. A uniformed man opened the door and gestured to a metal table with two matching chairs. The room was sterile…barren, with every little sound giving off a slight echo.

As Lois sat down, she noticed the Observa mirror with an amused smile; remembering what General Swanwick had said to her when she arrived. “Don’t worry, Miss Lane.  Myself and a host of armed personnel will be on the other side of the window.”
All of this was ridiculous. The things that this man could do. Did they really think anything they had here was a match for him? And besides, he saved people, he didn’t kill them. Lois knew it as soon as her flailing body was caught in his arms and she looked into his crystal blue eyes. He could be a champion for the people, if they’d let him.

She had barely had a chance to put her recorder on the table before the door opened again. Superman was led to the table by four armed soldiers, who sat him down and double checked his handcuffs before leaving the two of them alone and presumably joining the others behind the window. It was a moment before Lois could breath. Upon seeing him she felt like all of the air had been sucked from the room. The sound of the metal cuffs clinking against the table was what brought her down to earth again….so to speak.

“You let them handcuff you?” the slender brunette said softly, shaking her head. Wavy tendrils of her dark hair rested around her oval face when she stopped. “Umm, Supe….I mean, Kal-El.” she corrected herself, using what appeared to be his actual name.
“Why are you surrendering to Zod?”


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