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Halloween [3W group SL]

attn: Damon, Elena, Enzo and Bonnie
He wandered deeper within the darkness of this Haunted House. Tyler's vision acclimated to this darkness with each pull of the powerful magic around him. He could still hear Enzo, Bonnie, Elena and Damon behind him. He was the fifth wheel; a wolf that was surrounded by a witch and vampires. Elena was human but she wasn't human. It never made sense to Tyler even when he was in his human form. The bottom line was that supernatural creatures were real and he was one of them. Damn it all to hell

He ran his tongue over his lips to moisten them. He was getting more overheated as the minutes ticked off the clock. They felt like an eternity. He felt more and more primal urges well up within him. The whole Spanish California spirit that was tied to the costume he wore as Zorro was fading away. Zorro was Spanish for fox. He started to consider how delicious a fox would be right now… His stomach started to growl with that sentiment.

His eyes widened. Eat a fox? What kind of sickness was pervading his mind right now? He was a werewolf that had control over his baser instincts. He wasn't lost to those primal urges. When he was in full wolf form, he had the urge to rip any vampire to shreds that was downwind of him. Damon was the one closest to him right now. Maybe in some other world or some other time, the elder Salvatore would surrender to his own instincts to murder and kill him for being a wolf. Tyler rubbed his mouth with the back of his sleeve. His nostrils twitched like that of a dog catching a scent of something interesting. It was blood. Blood was on his sleeve, but whose blood was it? Tyler sniffed again. It was his. There was no doubt about it.

Tyler's eyes turned a bright gold once more. The low growl rumbled from the back of his throat. If anyone could see him clearly, they would be able to tell that wolf fur had already started erupting from his skin. He was caught in an awkward position. Tyler was already partially transformed, that was why his senses were heightened. Something had trapped him in mid transformation. He wanted to run away and hide but he couldn't. He just kept giving Damon side glances allowing a snarl to curl his lips. Some power kept urging him deeper into this lunacy. Damon didn't want to hurt him. Logic told him Damon was behaving himself for just one time. Yet these images began to permeate his mind of Damon as an out of control vampire in need of a kill focusing on him. Vampires and werewolves were ancient enemies and for good reason.

That was it. Tyler was lost to whatever evil had invaded his mind and kept him in this mostly wolf mindset. He was still mostly human right now, but his wolf form had already had an effect on his body. It was an odd vision as the Lockwood heir was stuck between a wolf and human form. It was something similar to what the werewolves looked like in the old movies in the Golden Age of Hollywood. He whipped around on his heels with his gaze focused completely on Damon. His fangs were bared and he was ready. Those false images of Damon ripping his throat out kept burning his soul making him angrier with each passing moment.

What was real? What was magical manipulation? The Cursed Lockwood was a prisoner to his fate. He started to take slow steps toward Damon ready to attack him. Finally came the leap while still in semi human form that was directed at Damon. If he landed close enough, Tyler would attempt to sink his fangs in Damon's right arm. It was kill or be killed. Tyler wasn't going to be killed.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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