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01/13/2023 02:09 PM 

Hush [3w group sl]

attn: Klaus/ mention: The Originals
Tyler hated not knowing what was happening. All these people couldn't speak and now it was spreading. He exhausted the limits of the medical knowledge he had gained at this point. It was almost worth calling the CDC if it wasn't supernatural in nature. He kept hitting roadblocks repeatedly. It was infuriating. There was only one other possible explanation. He couldn’t shake the feeling that it was. He'd seen too much not to be able to spot it straight away. Logic told him that was the answer. He had to find these supernatural answers, so that's what he was determined to do. He turned to set on his path when he ran into the brick wall otherwise known as Klaus Mikaelson.

He had no time to act, only react. Klaus had crushed his fingers into his chest before he knew what happened. The pain from the vice-like grip the Original Hybrid had on his heart was beyond any agony he'd ever experienced. He'd been manhandled and beaten plenty of times even when he was just a human. He knew pain. What human didn't? Now that he wasn't, this hurt so badly he couldn't think straight. He could only react. Tyler cried out with a loud voice trying to take swipes at Klaus absolutely failing in the process. He could feel his heart beating in the clawlike digits of the Original Hybrid. Tyler's eyes turned golden and his fangs extended. He was not only in pain, he was angry. The animal in Tyler Lockwood was ready to fight back.

Klaus was supposedly dead. Should have known that the bastard would live. He was the last person that Tyler ever expected to see. The trapped male quickly figured out that one wrong move would result in his heart being in Klaus' hands. He wouldn't do that because too many people needed him. Now since Klaus was alive, Tyler was bound and determined to live just to spite him. Tyler fought through the cascade of emotions as Klaus was barking orders at him. Tyler's fangs clinched as he emitted an angry growl at being caught in a trap.

Tyler watched helplessly as Klaus found his cellphone. It was set to speech to text so it was pretty obvious that Klaus was going to keep his hand in Tyler's chest. "You want me….to find your siblings…?" He had them in his contact list. He knew Klaus was adept enough to quickly discover that the Originals had their own listing in his phone. Damn modern technology.

Klaus held up the phone. Tyler glared at the monster who changed his life. He had no choice. He had to comply. Just next time, he knew not to be caught off guard again. He spoke directly to his phone. "Hey guys. Where…are..you?" Tyler's threshold for pain was being breached and it echoed on his face. Fine bristles of fur were starting to erupt on his flesh. "I'll just …come to you." He spoke. Hopefully the speech to text was working properly so the message wouldn't be too garbled.

Tyler's fingers started to turn wolf like. His anger and the pain was making his baser instincts kick in at the wrong time. "KLLLLAUS!" He growled as a warning to the Original Hybrid. His patience was running thin. The animal inside wanted vengeance. Tyler was still largely paralyzed because Klaus still held his heart in his hand. The bloodstains on his shirt were spreading the longer Klaus had his hand inside his chest. Something had to give. "LET ME GO!"
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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