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01/04/2023 12:27 PM 

The Dr is In - Gaslighting & RP
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The Dr. Is In—Rx: Gaslighting & RP



In my last blog post I mentioned that there are other reasons for some people to be here on RP.me beyond writing. Reasons not always positive. Some are simply here to build themselves up in this juvenile fantasy attempt to feel powerful when, in fact, their real lives are usually quite the opposite.


People aren’t really as invisible as they think, on this platform. While it’s a temptation for the immature or inexperienced brain to behave badly, like a bunch of kids out of sight of their parents for a party weekend, most of us do try to ignore these hoodlums of any online grouping (aka: trolls) before reporting them to admins or a higher authorities to deal with them.


While all of us know we aren’t really the beings we portray here --many eventually discover – there is an aspect of ourselves that merges between our r/l selves and our online selves after having affected these portrayals for any length of time. They are mirrors, pieces of ourselves shown to others and sometimes those mirrors are quite dark and not always positive, happy faces are seen in the murky glass.


Here we have a voice among others –yet they can be just as twisted, domineering, controlling, manipulative, narcissistic, or sociopathic, as they are in r/l. Some people are coming at it from a purely writer’s POV, wanting to try on those shoes of a character to see how they fit, while some put on the shoes and find the fit so comfortable, they can’t take them off and they want to live them here.


Through the electronic medium of this platform, and it’s often bridged companion of Discord, people are picking up the electromagnetic energies being amplified, via crystals and precious metals, directed from person-to-person through a screen. It happens, it’s a digital-world phenomenon but there isn’t a single person here who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. If you say you don’t then you’re either a) a prevaricator, or b) thick as a brick.


I was recently talking with a RP friend of mine. Our discussion was about the number of people who come here to “collect hearts.” Like some maniac out of Alice’s Wonderland; these people want to come here, manipulate people’s emotions to “fall for them” via words and written actions, then gaslight them, leave them, and move onto their next target victim. They have “groupies” or “followers” who are so insecure in their own egos, that they will, in attempt to continue to curry their favor, also help target or participate in the continued torment of the latest victim or harass those who are smart enough to avoid the perpetrators as soon as they realize they’ve come across someone like this.


The following article may be helpful if you find you’re in this predicament and are wondering how to get out. Also, know you’re not alone – we’ve all run into those nut-jobs and had to learn how to deal with them once and for all. If any of the below looks familiar to you, please click on the link and think about your situation here.

Gaslighting Memes

Ask yourself the questions and be truthful with yourself. If you’re in the wrong kind of RP relationship, leave it. Delete and block toxic players. For every bad player there are 100s more out there who are looking for healthy partners.

For others, who’ve been targets of this type of abuse, either in r/l or OL, despair can be overwhelming and suicide can become a plausible but ill-decided option. If someone here has hurt you – DO NOT BELIEVE THAT SUICIDE IS EVER AN ANSWER!!


The Lifeline is available for everyone, is free, and confidential. See below for additional crisis services and hotlines.

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline



Text 988



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Línea de Prevención del Suicidio y Crisis


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Lifeline Options For Deaf + Hard of Hearing

For TTY Users: Use your preferred relay service or dial 711 then 988.


Veterans Crisis Line



Text 838255



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