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"What the heck is wrong with your eye?" Allison asks in a frantic tone, which is followed by the sound of Stiles shuffling his feet as he moves out of the way to make room for Allison to kneel in front of him. Scott gives a sheepish shake of the head as he apologizes. "I had to," he tells her, and she cannot hide the fear written all over her face as she responds, "I'm sorry."

Derek reminds Scott that he has a speedy recovery, yet despite this, Scott's pulse is still too high, his respiration is still too shallow, and his heartbeat is still too fast. "If you continue to expose your eyes to this condition for much longer, the damage will be irreversible."

Stiles implores Scott, in a tone that conveys desperation, to focus his attention and pay attention.

Scott mutters in a frenzied tone, desperately attempting to concentrate, "I'm trying."

It's as if they have both been transported back to Eichen House, with Allison's shattered corpse resting in his arms and her blood dripping down his fingers, but she won't come this time. "It's not going to work. I'm having trouble concentrating."
When Allison tells Scott, "Scott, yes you can," her hands are on each side of his face and are kind but resolute. "Yes, you can," Allison adds. "Scott, can you please pay attention to me? Listen to my voice. You need to become better."
"You died," he breathes, his pulse still pumping, and he knows the Anuk-ite has passed away. "You died," he gasps. "I am to blame for your passing away."
Allison is adamant that Scott should not do it. "I'm alright, and what happened over there was not due to any negligence on your part.  Okay? Simply concentrate, Scott. You need to become better."

He mutters, "I can't, I can't do it," as his pulse races and his breathing becomes more shallow. "I'm sorry, Allison, but I can't."
Isaac, picking up on the passion in Lydia's voice, whispers to Scott, "Come on, Scott," as she tells Allison to kiss him.
Scott still has trouble concentrating despite Allison asking, "What?" She was aware of it. And the oppressive sensation of residual terror left over from the Anuk-ite is suffocating. What if he can't focus? What if he can't heal? How can he defend people if he can't see? These are all things that are going through her mind at this very moment.
Lydia, with an anxious tone in her voice, adds, "Trust me." noises coming from all around them. Before Scott's lips are on hers, she vaguely remembers the noises of her pulse racing, and then all of the commotion and mayhem vanish. Even though they have been apart for two years, Scott's anchor in life has always been Allison. This is shown by the fact that his heartbeat and pulse have slowed down due to their separation.
"Scott?" Scott blinked as Allison's face became more distinguishable with each passing second, and Allison asked the question with great anticipation as she anxiously fidgeted with her lips.
After his eyes had been mended, he blinked at her, and she grinned as she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him. Allison's body was warm against his, and Allison's heartbeat was going so fast she thought he could also hear her heartbeat.
A split second later, she draws away, and the sense of release that can be seen in her eyes is palpable. Everyone in the room breathes a sigh of relief as they take in this overpowering aroma.


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