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About nate

https://euphoria.fandom.com/wiki/Nate_Jacobs https://dailytargum.com/article/2022/02/analyzing-nate-jacobs-toxic-masculinity-incarnate Nate jacobs is living a double life he is in the closet and hiding his sexuality just like his father. Nate has an older brother named Aaron and a younger one who's missing and it's unsure what happened to brother number 3 and no one talks about it. When Nate was eleven years old he snuck into his father's room and he found all his CDs with his father's encounters on them and he watched them learning about sex and how rough it can be and how his father was in hiding with his sexuality. Nate might have been abused by Cal he has a nightmare about that in season 2 of euphoria and it's him as one of his father's encounters Nate's mom said to him when his father moved out that at around eight or nine Nate got darker and he changed and his mom asked him about it and he don't remember his childhood at all. And his father never believed in therphy for Nate and Aaron . Nate was the second child of Marsha and Cal Jacobs and he had a younger brother who is unknown where he is . Occupation: student at east highland highschool Age 18 Status -popular quarter back at east highland highschool and captain of the football team Drinks yes Drugs yes Smokes yes. Sex yes all the time Lovers Cassie howard and Maddy Perez Obsession Jules vaguhn. Likes parties , winning , being in control . Hates - everyone else who isn't him. Being called out about his sexuality. Nightmares Nate has nightmares about his father touching him like he did with his hook-ups and that Nate told him this when he had him arrested Nate's dad didn't even flinch or say I never did that to you Enemies - rue, fezco and anyone else who crosses him . Nate is someone who will ruin you if you get in his way or hurt his pride and for Nate when he found out about Tyler and Maddy he saw them at the party and he decided to beat up Tyler and ruin his life get him arrested for assault and Nate was the one who was violent with Maddy not Tyler.


Nate's bedroom is white and has plain. Walls and no photos of family or friends around it and he only has trophies and his workout gear as well
He has a very simple room even when he was younger his room was very plain and not like his friends rooms . 
Headcanon - Nate has never been close to another male and spent time with them . Nates male connections were always violent and in your face like with fezco and McKay. Something happened in his life to have him act like that aggressive towards other males. So it would take a stronger male to be his friend and break down his walls Nate is the second child to Marsha and cal Jacobs and older brother to an unknown younger brother. And second oldest to Aaron Jacobs Other names - Tyler , playboy , big fella , Mr big balls https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Nate_Jacobs


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