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11/23/2022 02:46 PM 

A little unsteady.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

A little unsteady
Hold, hold on, hold onto me 'Cause I'm a little unsteady A little unsteady Hold, hold on, hold onto me 'Cause I'm a little unsteady A little unsteady

Mama, come here Approach, appear And Daddy, I'm alone 'Cause this house don't feel like home If you love me, don't let go (hold) Whoa, if you love me, don't let go (hold)
"Hold, hold on, hold onto me"
Lazy Betty and Jug were making it a point to spend every Sunday afternoon with FP, which became something of a ritual for them. They would have an early supper and easily pass several hours chatting with him to keep the older Jones man company. Naturally, she always volunteered to bring something to contribute. Still, he always informed her that she didn't need to bring anything except herself, along with a coy comment about how he preferred her company to that of his own son. She had grown to like the routine, which sometimes coincided with a bigger party at her own mother's house, where FP was always welcome to join. Other times, the trailer, which she'd grown to know well from sneaking around with Jughead when she was younger, was a more relaxing way to end the weekend. However, this situation was different since they were making preparations for Thanksgiving. Alice and Polly came up with a plan for something they could do with the twins. She could have gone, but she decided against it since it would have required her to spend a lot of time in the car. At that point, it seemed like a more sensible plan to spend some time with Jones. The mere shedding of his jacket that was draped over the back of the sofa and a flex of his bicep from beneath the sleeve of his shirt caused Betty to run her tongue over her lips with a hunger that had nothing to do with the preparation of the holiday food that was going around for Thanksgiving tomorrow. It was this nostalgia that had fueled her less-than-polite behavior.

It was never difficult for him to read her because she had always been anything but subtle in the way that she craved him. Upon their reconnection, it appeared that it was impossible to satisfy her physical desire for him almost all of the time, and this made it appear as though it was impossible for him to satisfy her desire for him. When there was a knock at the front door, allowing them time alone away from FP's watchful gaze, it was as if they had been transported back in time to heatedly, greedily fumbling for each other in his childhood bedroom, no less. There didn't appear to be any complaints coming from either side, but when there was a knock at the front door, allowing them time alone without FP's watchful gaze, there was a knock. Her skin began to flame hot as she took hold of his hand. She bit her bottom lip playfully as she almost pulled him down the familiar corridor and into the room that seemed like it was a relic ripped out of a time capsule in their past together.

When she and he spent the night in bed together, none of their parents had been the wiser; if their parents had been aware, they had feigned not to tell. The playful and exploratory makeout sessions, the giggles and uncertain touches that had led them to where they were now as he pinned her against the wall, hand at her hip, holding her against him with just the right amount of pressure as his lips traveled up the length of her neck were what had led them to where they were now. Sighing audibly as he took the chance to trace his fingers up along the underside of her thighs only drove her need for him as she wriggled underneath his touch. Her breath came out stuttering and heaving, keeping in sync with his as the heat increased between them instead.

Betty's body was always on fire, and she had an insatiable need for more stimulation; each experience set her skin ablaze. As she abruptly turned around while still being held by him, her fingers snaked down around his and gave him a loving squeeze. He continued to push his palm on the protrusion of her hip bones even though she was facing him with her back. She flipped her hair over her shoulder with the free hand she had, looking back at him over her other shoulder with a seductively coy expression as she pressed her lips together in a thinly veiled smirk. This was all the invitation he needed to graze his lips against the exposed skin of her neck. She glared back at him with a sultry coy expression as she pressed her lips together in a thinly veiled smirk. Because of the sound produced as he dragged his fangs down the hollow of her neck, which was something between a growl and a gasp, she pressed both of her hands on the poster hanging on the wall.

She didn't even hear the sound of the front door opening until Jughead grabbed her around the middle and held her close to him to protect her. This startled her into paying attention as her eyes slowly slid open, and her head swung back from the rapid action. Betty's eyes, which were still cloudy, widened in absolute dread as she peered back at him over her shoulder as she attempted to maintain control of her breathing. Both of them stopped in place instantaneously. "Are you kidding me? I was under the impression that he would be responsible for providing the turkey. He couldn't even hold out for another five minutes?!"
'Cause I'm a little unsteady,


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