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11/23/2022 02:18 PM 

An Eye For An Eye

"An Eye For An Eye"

Derrick was standing on one of the terraces of his New York penthouse. He was distraught, thinking and letting all pent-up anger consume him, getting ready for what was coming. On his right hand, a Wedgewood glass filled with his friend Kylie's Sauvignon Blanc. His cell phone ringing yanked him out of his deep thoughts. He swallowed the liquid he had inside his mouth and placed the glass down on the flat surface of the railing. Picking up he looked at the screen before answering. Once he answered, he didn't say a word. He only listened. "We got him," said Jordan... Jordan Hale was one of Derrick's late father's hitmen... that now worked for Derrick. 

A devious smirk formed on Derrick's lips, satisfaction and anticipation invaded the young Duke's body. He cleared his throat before speaking. "Excellent, work, Is everything else ready? His daughter?"  Asked Derrick. Jordan simply replied "Yes, it is" Without saying more Derrick hung up and shoved his Black iPhone into the pocket of his Armani black blazer. Without further wait, he turned around and walked back into the lush penthouse parlor. At a hasty pace, he headed towards the exit where his bodyguard, Gilbert awaited. Derrick walked past him putting on his sunglasses "Call the driver I have somewhere to be" This version of Derrick was a whole different person, he was like a rabid dog about to devour a raw steak.

He was seeing red, he was focused and nothing else mattered at the moment, he couldn't hear anything... nothing else existed... nothing but revenge. The bell of the elevator echoed in the lobby of the luxurious lobby of Central Park Tower, also known as Billionaires Row, where Derrick resided. Perfectly suited, wearing a tailored Armani Privé black suit and a Dolce Gabbana black fur coat just hanging on his shoulders. Dior Sunglasses covered his blue eyes. The doorman opened the glass door for the young male to exit. "Good morning, Mr. Scott," said the older man. Derrick didn't say a word and went straight to the SUV a few feet away. The man holding the door open for Derrick closed it once he was inside the Escalade.

"Where to, sir?" Asked the young driver. Derrick was going through the phone "North Cove Marina" he replied without even raising his gaze. It was a rainy day, it rained all the way to the marina. Derrick just rode in silence in the backseat of the luxurious SUV. After around 20 minutes of Manhattan traffic, the driver passed the gates of the exclusive marina, of course, he knew where Derrick's yacht was. Once they reached the dock, He stepped out and opened the door for Derrick. The young duke stepped out instantly getting full sight of his yacht, Icon. Right at the foot of the pier, Jordan awaited him. Derrick didn't remove his glasses and did not stop walking after reaching Jordan. "let's go, how much till we reach the ship?" Jordan started walking behind Derrick towards the entrance of the yacht. "An hour or so." 

Soon after both men were inside the luxurious yacht, Derrick made his way up to the highest deck where the pool was. It was rather chilly, so his fur coat was fully on him now. He was leaning against the railing, lost in thought, ready to do what was long overdue. He was snapped out of his thoughts when his phone rang. He pulled the black phone out of his pocket and answered. "Hello." It was none other than his oldest brother and head of the Winthrop Scott Empire, Liam. "Derrick, I just found out your whole little number, what do you think you're doing, this is not the way to handle that!" Derrick shook his head. emotionless, his eyes empty, his gaze cold like an iceberg. "I'm doing what should've been done a long time ago, I'm doing what you evidently do not have the balls to do, and neither did our father and this, this is the only way to handle savages like him... by becoming a savage yourself... the difference between you and me, Liam... is that I'm not afraid of doing what has to be done. Let me give you some advice, diplomacy rarely works." 

After that phone call, Time flew by, and around an hour and a half later, the enormous cargo ship with the name Achilles on it was on sight, platform ready for Derrick to board. After boarding the ship, Derrick encountered a group of men that were completely loyal to the Winthrop Scotts, men that had worked for his father and for his brother... just like Jordan. Derrick Removed the glasses and just said. "Gentlemen..."  The men remained silent and just nodded as Derrick passed followed by Jordan. Once inside the ship, Jordan guided Derrick to one of the cargo halls. The steel door echoed once it was opened, and instantly a man sitting down and tied up came into sight. Derrick smirked, but he couldn't help feeling a cold chill running down his spine, all the memories of his tragedy playing in his mind. 

Regardless of so many emotions, Derrick stood strong and proud, his arrogance was somewhat alluring. He looked at Jordan and gestured for him to take off the blindfold from the tied-up man. The white. bald man's deep blue eyes were revealed. "Who the f*** are you people!" He yelled thick Russian accent echoing in the deserted cargo hall. Derrick just looked at him. "Shh... lower your voice, you don't raise your voice at me if you want to keep your tongue in place! And trust me nothing would please me more than to rip it and let you choke in your own blood... but this is just the beginning, Oleg." The Russian's anger was evident on his face. "Who, the f*** are you!" Screamed the man again. Derrick pulled his gun from the back of his waist and smacked his face. "I said lower your bloody voice!" The man growled at the hit. Derrick placed the gun back in its place and leaned against the wall behind him. "You don't know me, you do know very well who I used to be. Let me ask you Does Victoria Winthrop Scott Ring a bell?"

Derrick's expression was one of calm... of serenity... to the point that it was terrifying. Oleg remained silent for a moment. "Ha! Henry's daughter... I knew you looked familiar. What's the matter, little bitch, came back for more Russian c*ck after all these years?" The man's laughter of mockery was sinister... clearly, there was no remorse. Derrick remained silent, he chuckled while coming closer "I'll gladly answer that question, but you know what? You should ask your daughter if she likes all-American d*ck! cause she's about to get plenty of it." After those words, the terror and tension coming from Oleg could be cut with a knife. "What are y--- if you touch one hair on my daughter's hair I will f***ing chip you!!!!!" Derrick smirked "Enjoy the entree course, Yasikov" Derrick turned around and walked to the other end of the cargo hall, Jordan followed. Oleg was facing a glass, which was double-sided glass. he could see to the other room, but no one could see him. 

Derrick looked at Jordan and nodded. After Jordan sent a text message,  the light of the room on the other side of the glass was turned on revealing a young lady, tied to a bed, blindfolded, with long blond hair, and a signature tattoo on her arm that Oleg would recognize.  She was struggling to get loose and screaming for help. Oleg's eyes widened in horror,  "Natasha!!!!!" he screamed. starting to struggle to get free of the chair. Derrick came into sight, looking over at the girl then at Oleg, "Oh, look at you all excited, well, the best part is about to come! Enjoy the show, you son of a bitch!" Oleg continued to struggle, screaming insults in Russian towards Derrick as the young duke walked back to Jordan. A group of men shortly after entered the room where the tied-up girl was, one of them was quick to unbuckle his pants. Without hesitation, he got on top of her. and did what he was ordered to do. With no heart, with no mercy. 

Derrick just observed what was going on. In silence. Jordan looked at him "Derrick, isn't this a bitch much even for us? you can stop this, that girl is innocent " Derrick looked at him and smirked. "There's nothing to stop Jordan... that girl in there and those guys are just paid actors doing their job... no one is getting hurt... I might be a monster, Jordan in many senses, I might be capable of unspeakable things behind the glamour and the fame... but I'm not that kind of monster, I would never, ever put another girl through what I was put through by that savage. And whoever I discover doing that will get his head chopped off... you have nothing to worry about, Natasha is fine and the girl in there, Jess, is a professional and the guys too, they are all friends of mine. The objective here wasn't to hurt Natasha, Jordan, it was to destroy Oleg's mind... trust me when I say this, a broken mind is ten thousand times worst than a broken body, now he's gonna go to hell thinking he did this to his daughter. That was my plan"

The girl screamed for help while she was being "raped". Oleg's screams of pain and anguish echoed in the cargo hall "Stop it, please!!!!!!! my daughter is innocent she has nothing to do with this!" Those words were like gasoline to the flame Derrick was at the moment. He rushed over to Oleg and smacked him on the head with his gun. "I was innocent too, you son of a bitch!!! I was 15 years old and you destroyed my life! I begged you to stop and you didn't! I had nothing to do with it and you didn't give a f***! so, no, you don't get to ask for mercy!!!! And mark my words, this is just the beginning!"

At this point, Oleg was broken, crying, and destroyed watching what was going on. Derrick clearly had achieved his purpose. The paid actors had done a marvelous job, He smirked while leaning against one of the columns behind Oleg. Soon enough, the men were pulling up their pants and leaving the girl "broken" on the bed.  Derrick now stood in front of the defeated once intimidating Russian boss. "Did you really think you would get to keep living your life like you haven't done anything to innocent people? No, that's not how this works... Yasikov... What? No snarky remarks about Russian c*ck now?" Oleg looked up, furious, breathing heavily, fire in his eyes. "I will end you..." Derrick laughed. and bent over, his face a few inches away from Oleg's no fear, strong and majestic... his emotions completely and coldly under control. "I'm right here pal..." He turned around and turned around once he was a few feet away from Oleg. The steel entrance door of the cargo hall opened and a group of 12 men came inside. 12, exactly the amount of men Oleg threw at him... Derrick smirked at his loyal guys. "Boys, thank you for coming..." He turned to Oleg and smirked. "See you in hell, Yasikov..." said Derrick before turning to his men again. "He's all yours, boys." then he turned to Oleg again with a devilish smirk on his face. "Make him the bitch he's always been"

Oleg's head turned towards Derrick, Panic on his face, he clearly had figured out what was next "I will find you and I will end you Victoria Winthrop-Scott!!!!" Derrick laughed and turned around before heading out the door. "You're talking to a ghost, Yasikov, You ended Victoria Winthrop a long time ago! Besides, what makes you think that you will ever see the sunlight again?"  Derrick turned around and headed out of the now-busy cargo hall. Of course, seconds later Oleg's screams and insults in Russian could be heard. Derrick was handed a glass of champagne by Jordan while he made his way up to the deck. The salty ocean breeze instantly caressed his face as soon as he stepped onto the deck of the big cargo ship. 

The youngster just stood there enjoying his glass of champagne, lost in thought. Jordan joined him shortly after. They were conversing for about an hour when they were interrupted by one of the men dealing with Oleg. "Mr. Scott, it's done." He had yet another glass of champagne in hand. He smiled at the man's words. " Splendid, good work, Mario"  He headed back to the cargo hall, glass in hand. Derrick found Oleg once again on the chair, only this time he was naked, used, beaten up, with semen all over him. He remembered that's exactly how he was left by Oleg and his men... The young duke laughed, as the restrained man looked up at him with angry... killer eyes. "Life is so ironic... but you know what they say, eye for an eye... Now I'm the one that will ask, tell me, Yasikov, Did you like American d*ck?" Derrick Turned around and moved away from Oleg. The Russian raised his head and looked at the young duke, his face bruised and bloody. 

"I will be waiting for you in hell! And I will f*** you up over and over again!!!!!!!" Derrick rolled his eyes and grabbed a blade from the table to his left and at a hasty pace he returned to Oleg, He grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled his head back. "I'll see you there, pal. say hi to my father for me" Without hesitation, without fear and much less mercy, Derrick slit the man's throat open, blood rocketing out of the wound straight to the floor and Derrick's designer duds. Derrick Stepped back, his gaze was cold, and dark while he observed the man drowning in his own blood. Jordan rushed into the room with the rest of the men, everyone looked at the scene shocked, never expecting the young duke to have the guts, and the courage to do something like he had just done. Derrick just stared into Oleg's eyes until his light went dark... it was over... Oleg Yasikov, was dead.

Derrick stared at the corpse. "Rest in flames, you son of a bitch" he headed towards the exit and Jordan stopped him. "What do we do with the body?" Derrick looked over at Oleg's corpse. "Well, he was a fan of chopping, so chop him up and feed him to the fishes."  Derrick was about to exit the room, but before he turned again to look at the group of men. "Jordan, make sure you give my boys a nice bonus, splendid work, boys! Now, if you all excuse me, I have friends to support and a trial to rock... toodles"


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