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Rules and Information
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Rules This is a blog for Nate jacobs from HBO'S euphoria and it's a oc and au friendly blog and multi verse friendly blog and multi ship friendly blog too. I write darker plots on here like drugs and other triggers

Nate is secretly gay and hiding it so I ship him with males, females and trans people too and his euphoria ships too  I am in no way shape or form Nate Jacobs this is a roleplay account all views expressed on here are those of my own and that of HBO'S euphoria. Thank you so much This blog is multi ship meaning all ships on here don't connect to each other and are in other universes and worlds and will not cross into other plots and ships . This is a multi verse blog meaning that I write Nate in many verses not just euphoria. I have all separate verses on here and I don't ship two people in the same verse. Thank you


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