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Alice had called Bowie in the middle of the night asking if she could come over. Bowie said of course she could. Alice was her best friend and she would do anything for her. The two were extremely close and Bowie always had her back. Bowie threw on some clothes so she looked a little more presentable. She headed downstairs and waited for Alice to arrive. Bowie was nervous since it was unusual for Alice to contact her in the middle of the night, she knew it must be something serious.

Bowie finally heard a soft tapping at her door. She got up and answered it, and allowed Alice inside. “Thanks for letting me come over” she spoke softly. “You’re welcome. Would you like a drink?” She asked. Alice nodded. “Coffee?” Again Alice nodded. Bowie headed into the kitchen and made them both a coffee before heading back to the living room.

Bowie sat down and sipped her coffee, she waited for Alice to say something. Alice didn’t say anything though. She just kept looking down and all around, whilst fidgeting in her seat. She was acting very odd. “What’s going on Alice?” She questioned. Alice sighed as if she had been waiting for Bowie to finally ask her.

“Something happened last night and I need to tell you, but please promise me you won't be upset." Alice said. “What?” Bowie asked. “I got an order to kill someone. I know we’ve been working on a plan to take down Dr Ryan, and I promised I wouldn’t kill anyone else but...” she paused. “One of the cult members entered my home and threatened to take my children. I had no choice Bowie” she said, informing Bowie of what was so urgent. “It’s okay I understand” Bowie replied. “We need to think of a plan faster and take that pr*ck out for good” she added.


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