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11/18/2022 01:30 AM 

Johnny Christ Birthday Drabble(Semi Canon)
Category: Stories

Huntington Beach California; a name many knew or wanted to be a part of but for the five foot six inch male, legally born Jonathan Lewis Seward it was his home. Today was his 38th birthday and being the social partier, he had invited several of his closest friends and family over for a private get together. His wife of ten years Lacey had been up early in the kitchen with their son Franklin making sure everything was running smoothly, while Johnny was downstairs  restocking the bar. Having spent years in the music industry and recently his interviews known as Drinks with Johnny he had gained a wide range of friends and acquaintances. One person in particular who he could never forget was his crazy buddy (Kevin) Noodles from The Offspring, as well as his mutual friend friend JJ who he had grown close to. After several hours of back and forth phone calls and texts, he also had a special performance scheduled with his popstar friend Amethyst Fischbach(Petty) better known as Ava Max. It had been years since they last saw each other because of conflicting tours, parenthood and of course the pandemic.  

Just as he was finishing up he heard the voice of his wife again at the top of the stairs. "Hey honey the guys are here now and I think some other pretty blonde I don't recognize."  Johnny gave a chuckle to himself before speaking again. "Okay tell them to come down here for a bit if they can."  Loud footsteps soon followed as the rest of his band mates appeared with Amethyst following behind. "Yo short stack happy birthday now crack us a couple cold ones."  Of course Jimmy had always been the life of any party, so as per usual Johnny got out several chilled glasses and began to pour the beer and wine for the non beer drinkers. "Hey JC happy birthday, thanks so much for inviting me and asking to do a fun performance.  I see Jimmy and Zacky haven't let you forget."  

Amethyst had now turned her head back in the direction of the males just in time to hear Jimmy belch.  "Ames hey so glad you could make it. I hope my son Frankie wasn't too much of a handful when you came through."  The blonde shook her head slightly with a smile. "No in fact Frankie was a perfect gentlemen."  After a few beers and laughs it was time to head to the back yard for the barbecue and gig, but the bassist quickly caught something shiny out of the corner of his eye. "Well I'll be damned took Mark long enough to come full circle. Kidding.. I am actually really happy for you."  He began admiring his friends wedding ring before they arrived to the backyard, sure enough Noodles and JJ had been outside with Matt and Brian manning the grill. The smell of seasoned steaks and veggies filling the air now, and just to keep the sugar rush alive he had bought a case of Pop Tarts for Matt after he  had very strongly disagreed with anyone liking toaster strudels.

Performance area

Helping Amethyst dial in her voice through the sound system he used for small home gigs, he then took a seat again in one of the loungers and let her do her thing.  "I want to give a personal shout out to our birthday boy JC, even after all these years of being away you still know how to bring good company together. This one is for you."  Grasping the mic Amethyst quickly found her element, each song and note was hit flawlessly Of the songs that were being performed his favourite was her new single Weapons and coming in second is of course Million Dollar Baby because of how much she had grown in her career. 

Stop using your words as weapons
They're never gonna shoot me down
Stop, it's time that you learn a lesson
My love is gonna drown you out
Do you wanna fight, do you wanna dance?
'Cause tonight might be the only chance, so
Stop using your words as weapons

Johnnys mouth had remained open in awe the whole time, even his other buddies kept looking over and giving the ol thumbs up.  "Yo who else wants to do a jam session? I can totally go for some bass tracks now."  Noodles had quickly volunteered, but to add to the biggest surprise his buddy Jay who was formerly the bassist of Bullet For My Valentine had flown in for the weekend too. "DUDE!!! no f***ing way I haven't seen you in ages well in person that is." 


The party had gone the rest of the night, and sure enough he woke up with a wet ear for some reason, which could only mean his band mates or one of the dogs. His birthday had been a success, he made sure to schedule a follow up segment with Amethyst since she would be taking a few days off.


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