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11/16/2022 04:10 PM 


Bowie had received a call from her best friend Benjamin. He was coming back to town for the day with Love, as he had some things to take care of. He had asked her to meet up in the afternoon so they could hang out, and of course she agreed. It seemed like forever since the two had last seen each other. She was excited to see him, but she also knew her heart would hurt all over again when he had to leave. She wished he would return to town. But he had started a life somewhere new now. He had left his life in Hartsville behind, which included her.

Taking a deep breath she headed out to the front porch and waited for his car. When he pulled up she got in and the two went for a drive. They found themselves at a drive in and watched a movie before heading to the beach. The two walked and talked, and took in the scenery. They even got ice cream. It was a beautiful afternoon. They then went for dinner, and drove up in the hills so they could watch the sunset and stargaze. It was just like old times. She wanted it to last forever, but forever was impossible.

He drove her home and walked her up to her door. “Thanks for a wonderful day” she said to him. “You’re welcome! I wanted it to be special, I’ve missed you” he replied. “I’ve missed you too” she said. “Benny listen...” she paused for a moment. “If I asked you to stay would you?” she asked. A sigh escaped his lips. “I wish I could, but I can’t. Right now it’s too painful. I’m sorry Bow” he said. She nodded “it’s okay I understand” she said. The two hugged before he headed to his car. “See you around” she called out. “Not if I see you first” he laughed.


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