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Old storyline I found - Rayne and Thane

Thane Krios

Thane Krios, a former assassin belonging to a species known as Drells, had decided to visit the Purgatory during his time off. Not that he had been much of use. It was like he was only there for one reason and it was to be a source of information, nothing more.
With a sigh he returned to the present and looked around. The music was annoyingly loud and Thane covered his ears.
Walking over to the bar he leaned against it and was thinking if he would order a drink or not. He wasn't much for alcoholic beverages, and then decided to skip it. Turning around he watched the people around the place, staff and clientele alike.
Thane was the only Drell and if it weren't for the activity he would clearly standing out in the crowd. But he didn't like being in the centre of attention and preferred to be unnoticeable.

Rayne Angel Anderson

Upon her return to the Citadel, Rayne felt out of place. Well she had spent the last 18 months on Omega, in hiding for fear of being assassinated. Whoever's bright idea to put her in that slum, was not at the top of her Christmas list for sure. The woman frowned at her thoughts. She sighed and made her way towards the only club open all hours Purgatory.

She passed through quiet streets with very few people around, her brunette hair bouncing as she stepped. Occasionally being caught by the breeze, or what could be regarded as one. The station lights had dimmed too, in a feeble attempt at mimicking night time. She hated that aspect of space. She'd been in space far too long and was in need of some shore leave.

Lost in her thoughts she hardly notices the lights around the door to the club. She didn't look up until a Turian bumped into her. "Oops my apologies!" she said to him with a smile. The alien man nodded and placed a hand on her shoulder in a bid to assure her he was fine aswel as make sure she was too. Then they exchanged smiles and he headed on his way. With a shrug Rayne turned back towards the door to Purgatory.

When the doors whooshed open she was greeted by the booming sound of music and was enveloped in a cloud of what seemed to be cigarette smoke, something she noticed each race had a variant of. Not that she smoked herself. One thing she knew leaving this club she would stink and would be in need of a shower. With a throaty groan the woman headed further in.

Once inside the club was still quite busy. So much that as she made her way towards the bar, Rayne had to push past people, but at least the bar was reasonably clear except for a Drell man stood looking as out of place as she felt. With a friendly smile Rayne walked towards him, glancing at an empty stool beside him. "Um hello, is this seat taken?" she asked with a bow of her head.

Thane Krios

Thane was thinking about sitting down on the only empty barstool when he in the corner of his eye saw someone approach from the left. Turning in that direction the Drell found himself staring at a woman with brown hair that wasn't tied up but flowing freely down her back.
"Please, have a seat", he replied, beckoned at her to sit down. "I can might as well stand a bit longer. Who knows, perhaps I will be able to rest soon once a seat becomes available. Question is where though."

His black eyes wandered around the room and then returned to her. "Do I know you? You seem awfully familiar; like someone I met not long ago." No matter how hard he tried he couldn't pinpoint her and where they could have bumped into one another.

Rayne Angel Anderson

With a grateful smile at the friendly Drell, Rayne sits down and beckons at the Turian bar tender. As she waits she listens to the smooth voice of the Drell she spoke to "Well it is quite busy. But there is always the table in the corner!" she nodded in the direction of an unoccupied table. It was against the wall and only enough room for 2 people. The light was dimmer there too "That table usually stays empty, though I have no idea why!" she shrugged and glanced side wards at the man; now actually noticing how close fitting his clothes were. Well far more fitted than her N7 hoodie and standard Alliance cargo's. Which for some reason made her feel so under dressed whilst on the Citadel. She let out a listless sigh and rubbed her eyes.
The Turian bar tender speaks, slightly startling her. He chuckles lightly yet still smiles; even after shouting at a particularly drunk Salarian patron; who tried to speak but instead he tripped over his words and somehow managed to headbutt the bar. All Rayne could do was laugh and shake her head. She orders herself a glass of Earthen wine, ruffling her hair as she waits.

The Drell's next question surprised her and she looked at him, their eyes met and she tilted her head in thought "Hmm yes maybe we did meet the other day at the cafe? There was a Drell there. Though in this light it's hard to recognize familiar faces if you have only met briefly before!" she smiled and sipped her wine.

Thane Krios

As she spoke his eyes went to the table mentioned that indeed was unoccupied. "Perhaps because that we are meant to sit there", he said, with a slight smile. The Drell wasn't here to celebrate and wore his usual outfit. As he looked back the female had helped herself with a drink and was holding a glass containing a blood red liquid.

That is a possibility, since I haven't seen any other Drell around the Citadel. And there is something familiar about you..." He paused and looked at the table again, then back at the woman. "Well, shall we~?"

Rayne Angel Anderson

The woman's eyes followed the Drell's towards the table too. Not that she would mind to sit on a softer seat at least. "Us? Well the seats do look more comfy than this stool here!" she chuckled. Then looked once again at the table.

She was weary though, she knew most Drell were assassins , and it was almost 2 years ago that the attempted assassination of her had happened forcing her into hiding. It was only recently that her father had informed her the assassin died at his hands. She sighed and with a shrug stood up "Well why not? I don't like the hard stools!" she smiled. Maybe this Drell wasn't an assassin, or maybe he was off duty. She chuckled at her thoughts.

The brunette stood and brushed her hair back from her face. "Well I for one am desperate to sit on a soft seat as I have been training all day!" she chuckled and stepped towards the table.

Thane Krios

"It is actually my first time here, so I wouldn't know that", he replied, watching her intently. She looked a bit weary and wondered what she made for a living. He had been an assassin, but had not been having any contracts ever since he got to be a crew member of the Normandy. And it felt like a relief not to kill anyone. But to live a normal life.

"Then we claim this table as our own", he replied, chuckling quietly and made his way over to the table. "After you, miss~" He said, gesturing her to take a seat before sitting down himself.

Rayne Angel Anderson

"Well I'm not complaining at a soft seat". She chuckled and sat down. She yawned and rubbed her eyes "Oh sorry. I have been training all day. My father thought my skills needed honing!" she smiled and gestured to the empty seat for the Drell to accompany her. "Well I guess father wanted me to be prepared for my assignment aboard a ship!"

When the Drell said about claiming the table, she nodded. This Drell was pleasantly nice and not bad company. Rayne smiled and sipped her wine. "So was it you at the cafe the other day then?"

Thane Krios

The Drell sat down on the empty seat next to her, and it was indeed comfortable. Not that he had been sitting on one of the stools to make a comparison. "How often do you have to train for this ship assignment?" He asked, leaning backwards in the couch, resting his arms on its back. Perhaps Normandy could have use of her, he thought.

She was a pleasant company and they seemed to get along. Her next question wasn't really a surprise. It would have come up eventually. "Yes, since I remember being at the cafe then; perhaps it was fate that made us bump into each other again." He paused and looked at her with his black unfathomable eyes. "Do you believe in fate?"

Rayne Angel Anderson

Taking note of how smoothly the Drell moved into the empty seat, she couldn't help but smile. "Hmm, nope I dont have to train all the time, it was more to get me back into the rhythm of things for ship work. I have been away for some time!" she shrugged whilst sipping her wine.
When he cinfirmed it was him at the cafe, the woman smiled "Good so I'm not crazy then!" Rayne then chuckled "Fate? Hmm truthfully I am nit dure if I call it fate, but I do wonder if things happen for a reasin. Though we may never find out the reasons behind it!" their eyes met and even in the dim light, her green eyes show intrigue.

Thane Krios

Years of training had made him agile but it wasn't something he was thinking about. However, those days was past. He had a son, and wouldn't force it upon him. But it wasn't going to happen, since father and son didn't get along. "Do you have a ship in mind that you could think working at?" He asked, watching her drink.

"What sort of reason could that be, I wonder? Perhaps that you will be a part of the Crew of Normandy, where I am stationed?" He told her, aware of the interest deep down in her green gaze. "Why do you say never? Perhaps it will in time, if you take it slow and let it run its course~"

Rayne Angel Anderson

"Well that's interesting, the Normandy huh?" With a curious side glance Rayne shook her head "But sadly it's not a choice it's an assignment. I have been told I am stationed on the Normandy, apparently they need a Councillor. I'm to report to Shepard tomorrow!" the Brunette shrugged, she wasn't overly keen on working with her cousin, but it was her assignment, and she had to do it. Though Rayne thought she had gotten away from Cerberus. "Plus they want more Biotics, to which I am one!" she then held her palm up and a ball of blue spiraling energy briefly appeared; which when she closed her hand it dissipated.

"Well if we are assigned to the same ship, perhaps then you could help me learn more about Drell culture. So much has been missed from the classes I took to become a Liaison Officer. Not that I have had much call to use those skills recently!" the brunette said, in a slightly disappointed tone. Most of her skills were suited for negotiations and helping small colonies of all Races establish themselves. "As for Fate, I am not sure. Even about the reasons things happen. I have resigned myself to perhaps never learning of why they do!" a lighter tone now apparent in her words. "But maybe you are right, maybe the reasons will present themselves some day!" she said curiously as a smile lit her face.

Thane Krios

"Perhaps not fate then, but a coincidence", he replied, after she had mentioned that she was going to be stationed at the Normandy. But it seemed like she didn't approve with the idea for some reason.

"I guess that you are going to start your duty immediately after reporting to Shepard?" He asked, observing her biotic ability; it was something that he had too, but something that he had not been using much off late.

It was soon time for him to return to the Normandy. "I better get back to the ship, but we will meet again tomorrow at some point", he said, and got up from his seat. "Thanks for the pleasant conversation, Miss", he said, holding out his hand towards her in a greeting. "I think that we didn't get a proper introduction. I am Thane. Thane Krios. And you are~?"

Rayne Angel Anderson

"Hmm coincidence yeah. Maybe! Though I can't say I'm happy working on the Normandy. I'd rather stay away from Cerberus!" Rayne sighed. She wasn't willing to let on just yet about her suspicions when it came to the assassination attempt on her and how she suspects the Illusive Man of ordering it.

As he asked about her starting her duties after speaking to Shepard. "Yes I guess I will be. I just hope they have an office where I can work quietly!" Though if she had a chance to use her Biotics, she'd be happy.

When it was time for them to part ways Rayne checked the time "Boy it's the small hours if the morning! Time sure passes quickly at times!" the brunette chuckled and stood too. "Yes it was a pleasant conversation. I admit. Oh and I'm Lt Commander Rayne Anderson!" she smiled and shook his hand. Which surprisingly was warm to touch.

Thane Krios

After bidding the new asset to Normandy, he realized how tired he really was. On his way back he was pondering about what his new acquaintance had been telling him right before they split up. She had mentioned Cerberus for instance. Apparently they had this one thing in common.
The Drell returned to his quarters in Life Support; it was the perfect environment for his chronic disease that he had. Kepral's syndrome. It was something he didn't share with anyone and the only one that knew was Shepard. Following morning, later than usual, he awoke well rested and after having breakfast he went to talk to the Commander. Asking her about Rayne she confirmed that it was true. But also that Rayne was her cousin. She was actually getting ready to go see the new crew member and asked Thane to accompany her. Nodding he accepted and together they went to the place of meeting.

"So you met her in the Purgatory, you say?" She chuckled, with a smile, and turned around when she saw a movement in the corner of her eye. "Aha! There she is!" She said, and turning his head, Thane recognized the woman from earlier, wearing a slightly different outfit.

Rayne Angel Anderson

Upon leaving the club, Rayne made her way back to the small apartment she shared with her father on the Citadel. It was quiet and the lights were off. He must of been in bed. Locking the door behind her Rayne made her way to her bedroom she was so tired. So tired that all she did was remove her hoodie and collapse on her bed, then within seconds she was fast asleep.

Waking to her fathers firm knock on the bedroom door the brunette sat bolt up straight on the bed and when she looked down she shook her head realising her clothes had been her pajamas last night "Hey Rayne are you awake?" the strong tone of her adopted fathers voice came as he opened the door "Hmm yes dad. I'm awake. Now!" she chuckled and looked to the door as he stood just inside it. The coloured man in his late 40s stood looking at his daughter "Oh Rayne, did you fall asleep in your clothes again?" he said with a chuckle. She sheepishly nodded. "Yeah I guess I did!" hes shook his head and offered his hand to help her up. "Come on Missy. You'll be late. I've put your Navy Dress suit on the dresser and your stuff is already on the Normandy!" Standing with a salute, Rayne then ushered him out so she could get changed.Within minutes Rayne was ready and out the door. Even though she had to take a citadel transport to The Normandy, she still arrived on time.

As she got to the docking ramp of the Normandy, she paused, still she wasn't keen on this assignment but with a shrug she walked along the ramp and the door opened leading her onto the C.I.C. Looking to her right she saw the Drell from last night stood next to Shepard. Then with a forced smile Rayne approached them and saluted "Lt Commander Rayne Anderson reporting Ma'am!"

Thane Krios

The Drell was waiting solemnly beside Commander Shepard, his hands clasped behind his back. His black eyes was inscrutable as they watched the newest member of the Normandy crew.

"Stand at ease, Lt Commander, or shall I call you cousin?" She chuckled, and then made a gesture towards the Drell. "And this is Thane Krios, and from what I heard you already know him."

She paused, looking at Thane. "How about that you show her around, and when she had seen enough you show her to the quarters that is being set up as we speak~"

"As you wish, Commander Shepard", he replied, and waited until she was out of hearing range when he first spoke up. "So, where do you want to go first? If you are hungry I would suggest the mess hall."

Rayne Angel Anderson

Standing at ease, Rayne nodded politely at Thane and addressed her cousin as "Ma'am! Um maybe we should be professional whilst we're on duty. Um, with respects Ma'am!" not that Rayne was bothered by the fact she was related to Shepard, it's more she got a lot of grief being related to Captain Anderson when she 1st joined the Alliance. "And yes. Thane and I met first at a Cafe, then last night at the club!" the brunette said as she nodded.
Watching then, Shepard and the Drell Rayne could see that her cousin was fond of him. Though she wasn't sure how deeply the fondness felt was. As her cousin suggested Thane show her around, Rayne raised and eyebrow. Surely this ship couldn't be much different than the SR1, even if it was bigger; but she guessed she was about to find out. "Um thank you ma'am!" Rayne said in acknowledgement of the suggestion.

Looking towards her cousins exit, Rayne sighed. The complexity of her assignment was dawning. "Um if you don't mind Thane I would like to put my back pack in my room!" she politely suggested. "I'm not actually hungry right now!" she said with a smile. "Plus my father said my stuff was here already, I just want to check what is here before we leave, just in case!" the brunette added.

Thane Krios

The bond between him and the Commander was going deep, but it was just a profound friendship, nothing more. He was aware that Rayne's eyes was flicking between them and wondered what really was going through her mind. Shepard was his superior as well as friend and have helped him with things that he was ever thankful for.

"It is no problem at all", he replied, beckoning at her to follow him. "There is a room prepared for you in the Docking bay. We will have to take the elevator down."

Thane led her to the elevator and pushed the button to make it come. When it came he stepped into it, waiting for her to follow. "I guess that I must show you the way, or do you handle yourself on your own from here on~?"

Rayne Angel Anderson

"Well the last time I was on the ship was before it was destroyed just over 2 years ago. So it has changed a lot. Much bigger for a start!" the woman shrugged. She wasn't quite ready to admit she worked along side Miranda when the ship was being rebuilt before she fled Cerberus fearing for her life. The woman rubbed her face, remembering the events leading up to her fleeing. Rayne also realised she was still tired. She can't of been asleep that long. "Man am I still tired!" she chuckled.

The lift came to a stop a the bottom of the ship and as Rayne stepped out and looked back at the Drell "Which end is the glorified cupboard then?" she smiled and cast her gaze around. This place had changed too. To the left was the Kodiak shuttle and on the other side was the space for some other vehicle which they hadn't acquired as of yet.

"Well it seems cosy!" the woman said with a shrug. At least it's quiet down here, not much through traffic. She confessed to herself. As she stepped further in, she saw some crates to her left against a wall with a door "Oh is that the room I'm in? It looks very small." she pointed to the wall and door the crates were against. It looked like it to her and whatever had been stored in there was in some lockers and small crates outside now.

Thane Krios

The Drell had only heard tidbits about the Normandy as a ship and that it was the second ship bearing the same name. And that this ship was actually built by Cerberus, that had a lot of resources. From what he had heard the Illusive Man had brought back to the world of the living. That his female companion had been a part of the Crew was something that he was unaware of. And it was another coincidence.

"Well, your little hideout is going to have everything that you need for have a decent private quarters", he replied, as they stepped out of the elevator and into the Docking bay, after being aware of her eyes upon him. He pointed in the opposite direction of the elevator and what seemed to be a doorway. The area between was unused and on their left hand was a Kodlak shuttle.

"Well, not many people get down here; so it is pretty much secluded", he replied, as if he had been reading her mind. When she continued forward he waited, as she was getting a closer look at what was going to be her living quarters.

"Why don't you get some rest, make yourself at home and we will perhaps bump into each other again?" He said, bowing his head in farewell, waiting for her to reply before taking his leave.

Rayne Angel Anderson

"Hideout? Right!" she chuckled. The woman entered the room and sighed. It was very small. To the right was a bed against the far wall, it wasn't even a double. A locker was nestled between the end of the bed and the wall. She would have to separate it from the room with a curtain or something. She sighed again and looked on the opposite wall. Someone had kindly put up a small mirror and there was indeed a small desk. Which was nice. Above the desk was a small viewing port, which looked outside. the woman frowned "Hmm. I wonder what this was meant to be indeed?"

A smaller door caught her eyes then, so small she thought it could be a cupboard, but when she opened the door inside was a small toilet with a shower head. Rayne chuckled. "What is this? There's barely enough room to move!" she smiled half amused. "They must of had some other use for this area!" the brunette pondered with a shrug. "But yes secluded enough for what I need. Which includes peace and quiet!" Rayne let out a slight chuckle.
Closing the small door the brunette turned and glanced at the Drell stood at her door. Hands neatly tucked behind him. The Drell were indeed of interest to her and hopefully being here would grant opportunity to learn for her aswel as being able to help. "Yes rest sounds pretty nice for now! Yes and perhaps bump into each other later!" she smiled at his words and bowed her head too.

Thane Krios

Thane had heard about a room were going to be prepared on the Docking bay So it was a surprise that it was meant for Rayne. Someone that he had met twice already before knowing that she were going to be part of Normandy crew.

"What would you call it then other than a hideout?" He asked, observing how she was taking a look at the room that was to be her new home. It had a bed and a bathroom. It was more than one could say about his lodgings in the Life Support. Such luxury wasn't to be found there.

His eyes followed her as she was talking to herself, leaning against the doorway. When she apparently was finished and found her accommodation acceptable she turned back towards him. "How about that we arrange a meeting either later today or tomorrow", he suggested, smiling back, not leaving just yet. "Or why not both?"

Rayne Angel Anderson

Pushing herself off the door, Rayne picked her bag up and placed it on her bed. Then contemplating about the question the Drell had asked, the woman nodded as she searched her bag for a picture which she found nestled in a pocket on the inside. "Hmm, yes later at lunch perhaps. I'll have to make the rounds and introduce myself to the crew, especially the Cerberus crew. "Fortunately I know most of the Human crew members. I met them whilst working for Cerberus!" she nodded and looked at the picture frame. She pressed a button on the side. The screen flickered and a picture of a young blonde girl with wavy hair appeared. "There you are!" Rayne said affectionately and placed it in the center of her desk.

Leaning against the desk then, Rayne looked at Thane and smiled "A glorified cupboard is more like it!" amusement evident in her tone. "From what I understand, from the original design, this was meant to be where crew members armour was stored ready for them to take before getting on the shuttle!" she sighed arms folded against herself. "But I suppose they scrapped that idea when they moved the armory up to deck 2!" her shoulders arched in a shrug.

"Well shall we arrange a meeting for later then? Because right now, I would so like to get out of this uniform. Skirts are just not my thing!" Rayne said with a chuckle. Her attention then turned to the Drell once more. He certainly was a good looking man. That and his voice was very nice.

Thane Krios

"Well, you already know me though", he chuckled, while watching her settle in. When she put up the picture frame showing him the face of a young girl he raised one eyebrow.

"So, you have a daughter?" He asked, with a surprised tone of voice. "Another coincidence, but I guess that your relationship with her is better than the one with my son~" He said with a slight shrug.

"Would you prefer to stay in the Life Support? It is much bigger than this glorified cupboard, and the window showing the space outside is bigger too", he told her after she explained what the purpose of her living quarters had been prior to her arrival.

"How about that we meet up in the mess hall at noon; and see who will arrive there first. And we will both be dressed casually?", he said with a light smile, aware of her eyes upon him as she turned around. He had not been considering himself attractive to women, and certainly not human females. With Rayne it felt different, but he couldn't pinpoint why exactly. Turning around he looked over his shoulder at the brunette with the highlighted hair. "See you later then, Rayne~"

Rayne Angel Anderson

"Know you do I?" The woman chuckled. "And yes I have a daughter. She will be 7 next birthday, which sadly I probably will miss!" she said with a hint of sadness in her tone. "Well I have already sent her some of her gifts, but gifts can't make up for me not being there!" the woman sighed and ruffled her hair. The red highlights reflecting the light. "Though thankfully she understands mummy has to work to look after her!" Rayne sighed. Doing the job she does and being away from her daughter is the hardest thing for her. Getting her down sometimes. When Thane offered to let her stay in Life Support, Rayne smiled. "Thank you, but that is your space for the duration of the mission!" she nodded. "Besides if I want a better view of the stars I shall go up to the observation lounges. Though I may join you at some point too!" she chuckled. "But yes. In the Mess hall at noon!" What amused her though is the fact that he said about see who would arrive 1st. "As for dressing casually, I certainly will not be in a skirt!" the brunette laughed. Cargos or tracksuit bottoms would be more practical and comfortable for her, especially in space and on a ship. Though being this close to engineering may make her area slightly warmer than anywhere else. As the Drell bid her good bye, Rayne smiled warmly "Yes see you later Thane!"


”Perhaps not yet, but maybe in the future”, he replied when she chuckled to his previous statement. The way she described her relationship with her daughter reminded him that his own wasn’t like that at all. Their kinship had been infected ever since his mother died, and as it was now it seemed unfixable. If she wanted to know she was free to ask. Rayne seemed agitated and they wouldn’t get shoreleave until the mission was over.

”Perhaps the observation lounge is a better place to meet up than my hideout”, he stated when she turned down his offer of visiting his own private quarters. If they wanted to talk they could do it publically. The Drell had not, ever since his wife’s death, been socializing much. Besides Shepard, whom he saw occassionally in the mess hall, Thane was a bit of a hermit.

After bidding her farewell he made his way back to the elevator that took him up to the floor with Life support. There he decided to meditate some before it was time to head towards the Mess hall to meet up with his new female aqcuiantance. Unfortunately he lost track of time and when he left his quarters it was five minutes past noon. Rayne was no doubt waiting for him. Leaving Life Support he hurried in the direction of the mess hall, exhausted from the sprint, afraid that he was going to arrive late.


With a smile the woman shook her head "No. It's not that I am refusing Thane, it just seemed you were offering to swap quarters! That's all!" she chuckled. She knew inside that Drell prefered more aired places than her little room would be. "Thane it's fine, we can meet anywhere, it doesn't matter to me. But at noon it is lunch time, so I would like to eat. But the observation lounge has a beautiful view!" the brunette said with a dreamy tone. The one thing she did like about space. is seeing all the stars, planets, moons and nebula out there. Now that was a truly wonderful sight.

When Thane had left Rayne quickly searched her bags. At least her job allowed her to be comfortably casual, it helped others relax and talk if they needed. So she pulled out her N7 jogging bottoms, a black vest top, trainers and her N7 hoodie. Then once changed, Rayne left her room and paused just outside the door. She looked around to see if she could set up an exercise area, the area oppsite looked good for it, but of course she'd have to clear it with her cousin first. "Ungh, answering to my cousin when we're the same rank. Feels like a demotion!" the woman sighed and headed into the lift.

Her intended 1st stop was Zaeed who entertained her with a story about how he got the Krogan helmet. Then it was across to Grunt. Now he was going to an interesting character to deal with. Though when she saw Grunt leaning against the window, he looked rather lost "Um hello Grunt!" she said as she entered his room. The Krogan growled and stormed towards her, yet she didn't flinch. Though if it called for, all she had to do was step out of his way and he'd plunge into the wall, but he stopped just before she had to move and he roared with laughter "Well, well. For someone so tiny, you didn't move. I like that!" he chuckled and slapped her back almost winding her. Rayne groaned as she she straightened up. "Hmm I guess that's a good thing!" she coughed and he nodded. After explaining to him her purpose she left him contemplating actually talking.

Then making her way up to deck 3, Rayne looked at the time and it was just before noon. So deciding the rest of the rounds could wait, she deided to have something to eat. Though there was no sign of Thane. With a sigh she approached the chef who prepared her some sandwiches and the brunette sat down on a small table at the back of the Mess Hall, and looked over the crew manfest.


Arriving at the Mess Hall the Drell already found Rayne sitting down by a small table at the far back. She didn’t see him, reading what appeared some manifest. When he started making his way towards her a movement caught Thane’s attention. Looking in that direction he saw the chef approach her table, carrying what seemed to be sandwiches.

Instead of making his presence known to her Thane stopped the chef on his way back and ordered some sandwiches as well. With that done he made his way back to the table. Clearing his throat to get her attention the Drell took a seat opposite her. ”You must accept my sincere apologies; I was doing some meditating and apparently lost track of time”, he stated, his hands resting on the table, when the chef arrived with his food. ”Did you have to wait long?”


As the chef placed the plate down, Rayne smiled and thanked him before going back to reading the manifest, this way it would help her know the crew. Sensing the approach of someone, Rayne looked up just as the Drell cleared his throat. When he apologised she smiled "There is no reason to apologise. It was not an appointment as such, it was a casual request or idea!" she nodded and lifted a sandwich. "Hmm of all the food available, I choose Earth Sandwiches!" the brunette chuckled.

Then with a curious glance, she looked at her company "Hmm, did you say meditating? Well that's a nice thing to do. Very relaxing and enlightening. I myself am interested in anything spiritual. So much that I follow some beliefs and ways of an old Earthen religion. Though it's technically not a religion!" the woman sighed and took a bite of her synthesized tuna sandwich. "Buddhism, is technically a way of life. Buddhists believe in self enlightenment and a teaching of knowledge to others. Their deiety is not so much a God as a man!" she went onto say. Not that she was sure Thane would be interested. "Yes, they often practice meditation, believing that it's a way to enlighten one's soul!" she said waving her hands as she explained.

"So tell me Thane, why is it you meditate? I do it to relieve stress and focus my mind. I chant a Buddhist prayer and that helps me clear my mind. And without realising I can be doing that for ages!" she chuckled. Many a time she has lost minutes even hours on a rare occasion just meditating. Sometimes people have walked in on her doing just that and only ask out of curiosity.


When she brushed off his apology the Drell relaxed. Leaning a bit backwards in the seat he gave the chef a nod after arriving with his own plate of Earth Sandwiches. The majority of the food here was from Earth. But if any other race wanted a specifiq food it wasn’t impossible. Although since he was the first Drell his culture wasn’t known, and no one had really asked him anything. And honestly the food from Earth had seemed really appetizing. Not recognizing its taste he had no idea what sort of sandwich was though.

Being busy eating he simply nodded at her question, listening intently to what she was saying. What she said was intriguing, but it was some things that varied. He didn’t meditate to commune with some deity but to reach a higher state of his mind. To be more perceptive of his environment, disabling the other senses.

”The reason for me meditating is not really for relieving myself from stress. But focus my mind is something our way of meditation have in common. I don’t chant anything though, just close my eyes. Sometimes I sort of can transcend and leave my body…” No one had walked in upon him, but had informed those working here that he was meditating, in case someone would like to talk to him in his private quarters. So far it had not come to pass. ”Perhaps it is something I could show you sometimes. And you show me yours”, he suggested, finishing his first sandwich, and went on with the next.

Rayne Angel Anderson

With his comment he'll show her his and she can show him hers; made Rayne laugh. "Oh sorry. I shouldn't of laughed!" she apologised as she sighed. "Sorry. It's just an old Earthen joke about men and women to do with sex!" the brunette said quietly as a blush lit her cheeks. "But that's beside the point!" Rayne said as she dimissed her silly comment, trying to cover it. Not that it would work she bets. "Though what people don't understand is that we don't do it to talk with Buddha himself!" she smiled and finished her sandwich. "We do it to find enlightenment, a higher state of being." she said with a shrug.

Whilst sat in the Mess hall, Rayne was noticed by a couple of ex Alliance, though they weren't sure of who she was exactly. But they did look at her funny. The brunette had noticed them but remained with her head down looking at the data pad on the table in front of her. "Well it would be nice to learn about the way you meditate, I must admit. Maybe it would show me other ways to do it myself!" she nodded and glanced as the two ex Alliance passed. "Well I shall need it, truth be told. Especially the length of time between shore leaves we will be on this ship!" that was the only thing she didn't like about being on a smaller Friggate. "At least on a democratic ship, you get more chance to land on a planet. Not to mention more space to move around. Private, decent sized quarters!" she sighed. She missed her old ship Tiberius.


”I can assure you that I wasn’t talk about /that/, miss, but there is no need to apologize”, he chuckled, when she excused herself for bursting out in a laughter. And talking about intimacy between men and women with someone she just have met made her cheeks flare. He was also aware of her attempt of dismissing her comment by changing subject. Ever since his wife died and problems with his son Thane had not been seeing anyone. Instead he had been immersing himself with meditation, but it happened that he missed having someone in his life. Someone that was his equal, which he could share many things with, on a broad-spectrum. ”Pe


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