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Gender: Male
Age: 118
Sign: Scorpio
Country: Afghanistan

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November 08, 2022


11/08/2022 02:12 PM 

вισgяαρну αи∂ вα¢кgяσυи∂
Category: Stories

Thane Krios belong to a species known as drells and his particular occupation is that of an assassin. But unfortunately this sort of line of work has an occasional hazard. It was his encounter with the captain of Normandy, Shepard, that made it possible for him to eventually find more meaningful ways to make a living.

There had however been one fly in the ointment, a weird saying in the human language, and its name was Kepral's syndrome. The only way for Thane to survive was to undergo a major transplant of his internal organs and it was easier said than done. 

In order to keep him alive he is put in cryo sleep on a space station. Unbeknownst to Thane Krios he is forgotten and it wasn’t until a ship docks with the station that Thane Krios learn that it has been hundreds of years and what remains of the human population is scattered tribes and humans are speaking a different language. 

Still there was some technology remaining from the old world and a group of humans was able to transfer his consciousness to a human body. His essence or perhaps even soul was transferred to a device that was implanted in a human body in the back of the neck. 

Not long after a strange portal showed up in different locations in his surroundings. It didn't take long before his curiosity got the better of him and he entered. Perhaps whatever was waiting at the other end would give him the answers to his questions about his peculiar flashbacks. 


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