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11/05/2022 12:13 PM 

Stranger Things
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I think about that night often , though I wish I didn’t. Her eyes… I’ll never forget how vacant they were. It was as if something else was in control  and not the woman that once soothed my nightmares away.
The phone had been shut off again. On her salary alone it wasn’t something we could easily keep up with. By the time I returned from calling for help she was gone. I saw the news. I knew something terrible had happened but no one would give me answers. I knew my mother wasn’t at the mall that night. There wasn’t money for such things and quite frankly the officials  excuses wore thin.
I remember the whispers and rumors. The government vehicles in and out . A simple fire doesn’t cause that.  I don’t know how to find out what took place; what took her from me. Grandmother says some things can’t be explained, and some things we aren’t meant to understand. I can’t accept this. I have to know.


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