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10/26/2022 03:06 PM 

A Tell All With Oprah Winfrey Pt.1

A tell-all interview with Academy Award-winning actor and designer  Derrick Winthrop-Scott.

Oprah: "Derrick, it's wonderful to be able to finally sit down with you and have this conversation, we've been trying for a while now. I think this is the first time the public is going to have a deeper look into who is the Derrick Winthrop-Scott. I'm glad you decided to do that with me."

Derrick: Derrick sat elegantly on that white chair in Oprah's garden, the soft breeze caressing his raven locks and his face. "Yes, indeed we have, Oprah and I'm delighted to finally have the opportunity to do this. And yes, to be honest, this is not something I've done before and I think it's the only time I'll do it. I decided to do it with you because I've always admired how respectful you are with delicate subjects and situations, and how genuine you are."

Oprah: A smile on her face and a subtle nodding gesture before words came out of her mouth once more. "I'm honored, sweetheart, thank you so much... now, let's begin with your family, I remember your mother, she was such a good friend of mine she was for long years. Your father thought I never knew much of him. 

Derrick: Derrick's smile disappeared and his expression became empty and cold. "My mother was a wonderful woman, she was kind, devoted to her family, her husband, her children, devoted to her causes, helping people meant everything to her.  I've always been very open about my mother. I never fail to say how proud I am of her, of what she's left behind. To this day my mother has been the kindest person I've had the privilege of having in my life. She's gone, but her essence and everything she was remains. She left a legacy, the people loved her and still do."  Derrick took a deep breath and wiped the edges of his eyes. before the tears made their way down his cheeks." My father, my father was a good man too, until my mother died, after my mother died he spiraled out of control and became someone I didn't know, my father became a monster, Oprah, after his death I learned of unspeakable things he did... things I can't even get myself to mention. So. my father is really the only subject in my life I don't like talking about, for the simple fact, that is one if not the most hurtful part of my life. The most disappointing.

Oprah: " I can understand that sweetheart and you know I can relate, you know we've talked about it. Now,  can we talk about how Victoria Winthrop-Scott became Derrick? Why? ready to talk about that? Were you not happy being Victoria? were you not Victoria?

Derrick: He nodded and smiled in a very soft and subtle way. He was about to touch a very difficult subject in front of the cameras, he was about to reveal his truth, his tragedy, but he finally felt ready to share it. "I loved being Victoria, I loved being a girl, The thing is I did not become Derrick for the same reason my fellow transgenders do, I wasn't born in the wrong body, I wasn't a man trapped.  I became Derrick out of trauma. out of fear. See, thanks to my father's poor decisions and choices he got on bad terms with really dangerous people and it was me who paid the price.  I was kidnapped and raped by over ten men, beaten, and almost killed at only 15 years old. When the Interpol and MI6 found me I was barely alive. 

Oprah: The legendary host remained silent, sadness took over her face, and her eyes became watery while she shook her head in disbelief.

Derrick " When I woke up in the hospital, all those memories poured back into my head, I remembered everything detail after detail, so believe me when I say this, at that moment all I wanted to do was die. Everything hurt, my body was broken and bruised. I really wanted to die, the physical trauma was terrible, but the mental trauma was the worst part. After I was taken home, that's when I realized... I really was broken, I was dead, at least that's how I felt like. I just looked at myself in the mirror and as a woman, I was tarnished, I was damaged. I didn't want to be that person in the mirror anymore. To me Victoria was dead and the only way to keep existing was to become someone else. I didn't feel safe as a woman any longer, I didn't want to be a woman any longer."

Oprah: So, you are indeed saying, that the only reason you became who you are today was to bury your traumatizing and life-scarring experience? It was never about your identity? Do you feel like a man at all?

Derrick: With a slight smile the young actor nodded "Yes, that's what I'm saying indeed, the only reason I became Derrick was to be able to live with myself, to be able to look in the mirror every morning, because being Victoria, I didn't see anything, I didn't see who I was, I only saw excruciating memories. If I didn't do this, I would've probably ended up killing myself, because I was ready to do it. So, no, my identity was never an issue, I was happy to be who I was until that happened. As for feeling like a man, I feel safer being a man in people's eyes, because let's face it, this world this mankind does not know how to respect how to value women. Do I feel like a man? No, I never have and I never will. Yes. my pronouns are he/his, but to me, that's just words I don't need nor want anyone to address me as a woman to be able to feel like one. The essence of being who I was born is something that no pronoun can take away. One of my favorite quotes by Marilyn used to be "I don't mind living in a men's world as long as I can be a woman in it" I'm Derrick, everyone that looks at me sees Derrick, I look at myself in the mirror and I see Derrick and I'm okay with that that was the goal. See I think if I don't see the face of the victim I can't be that victim anymore, It might make no sense to others, but it works for me. People are free to see me as whatever they want, I know who I am and that's what really matters to me. I think our inner emotions, Our relationship with ourselves, what we feel deep within is something that should only be ours, personal you know?

Oprah: She just stared at the young Derrick a smile on her lips and a gaze of pure admiration and respect. Crossing her legs she addressed him once again. "So, you are saying that You could go back to being Victoria at some point in your life?"

Derrick: He remained serious, expressionless for a few seconds then subtly shook his head. "No, that part of my life is gone, I'm Derrick, and being who I am today I feel in total control of my life and my emotions, as Derrick I've been able to build a new life, something of my own and something that I'm very proud of and happy with. As I said, if I remained Victoria, my life would've spiraled out of control anger, hate, and despair would've consumed me and If I did go back to that part of my life I know that would be the end. Because it's damaged, it's broken, it's dead... So, no. 

Oprah: The hostess smiled brightly and proud, before addressing the young actor once again. "Even though what happened to you was such a tragedy, a barbarity, I think your story is one of inspiration and resilience, I think many other victims will see hope when they see this because even though you were so close to giving up, you didn't you found a way to survive, and i believe that's the lesson here, there is always a way, and you for sure found it. Thank you so much for sharing this lesson with me, and with everyone. So, tell me, sweetheart, how does it work for you when it comes to romance, to your personal life?" 

Derrick: He chuckled with a subtle level of amusement. "It's complicated at times, to make it easy to understand I'll explain it as simple and raw as I can. For gay guys, I'm not man enough and for straight guys, I'm not woman enough, which is complicated yet fascinating how today's society is so extreme. Everything has to be extremely to one side or the other, I think the majority of men have a lot to learn and understand still. However I've come across for example straight guys that have managed to connect with me, the real me, they are able to see beyond what's at eye reach, beyond, my face, my body, and they have been able to connect with my true essence, I admire when men are not afraid to understand things, to comprehend what they don't comprehend at first glance. So yes, my dating life as a transgender male is a bit complicated. there is a lot of ignorance out there" He chuckled while looking at the camera. 

Oprah: The legendary hostess smiled at her guest and nodded gently. "I have to agree with that, there is, unfortunately, a lot to learn, respect is missing, compassion is missing, but you're a hero, Derrick, the world is not ready for someone so valuable... but you are clearly ready to school the world. Stay with me and let's keep talking." Oprah looked at the camera and smiled. Stay with us, folks when we return we will keep conversing and getting to know this magnificent young man. We'll be back!"

To be continued...


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