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October 2nd, 2022

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May 07, 2022


09/22/2022 11:47 PM 

Category: Guidelines

Drama: No out of Character drama I really don’t wanna be apart of it. In character drama make a good story. And I will only write drama that goes with the verses I’m in.

Sex or Smut: Dizzi only writes the moment with her boyfriend Christian “CC”. Not every single guy on this site. She doesn’t do cheating stories of any kind so don’t ask.

Verses: The verses I have Dizzi in are American Satan, Sons of Anarchy, Paradise City and Once Upon a time. Real Life: I am busy in RL like everyone else. I baby sit my nieces and Nephew. I only have all 3 kids when Jaydee and Isaac don’t have school. So I do check in during nap time. I also post a status explaining everything.

Character: Drizella Robyn Teller is the daughter of Captain Swan and John Teller. She is the sister to Ashley Purdy and Jax Teller. And The ex girlfriend to Dylan James

Starters & Replies: Ever since I’m second guessing myself my writing has stuffer big time.

Lover: I write Dizzi as the girlfriend to Christian ”CC” Coma. And in the story they are wild and have 4 kids. I will not expect CC’s who are sexual or just compeletely creepy.

Read & Sign my rules with your favorite Gif.


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