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Steven Mactovish

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October 4th, 2022

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Gender: Male
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Age: 36
Country: Canada

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June 22, 2017


09/22/2022 03:53 PM 

Steven vs Kaylee: Heaven is brought to its knees

Kaylee smiled and dropped the wounded Angel off the ledge and Steven narrowed his eyes at her. "You'll regret that bitch." "Will I? Does the Lemurian care about what happens here today? Heaven never cared what happened to Lemuria." Kaylee let her large, black wings spread wide and Steven noticed she had two holes in her cloak for them. "I never thought I'd be fighting another of your kind." She stared in realization. "Novelek's son. This will be a treat. If you get by me you may follow Celosia."

Steven ignited Shadow Wrath and his Shoto, the former transforming into its spirit form, becoming solid. A piece of demon scales grew from the side of the hilt, growing and flexing to cover Steven's right forearm to just below his elbow. His demonic aura flared up after his cloak disappeared and his eyes turned demonic yellow. "Your move, Kaylee." 

Kaylee smirked and raised her Dawn Shredder, firing the minigun at full power. The bullets of dark energy flew at Steven and he was forced to block with Shadow Wrath's flat. He lunged at Kaylee and swung, batting her weapon aside only to have her release the weapon and in her hand appeared a sword. She blocked his follow up swing and gasped as the force of the blow sent her stumbling back a couple steps. "I see how Leah and my other sisters fell to you. You've become strong in a very short amount of time."

Steven was about to respond when his danger sense screamed in his mind to move. He threw himself back and watched as blasts of dark energy flew past him. Kaylee's Dawn Shredder was still very much active. He caught Kaylee's swing on his blades and shoved her back hard, swinging again to force her back further. Down the long, golden hallway they battled. Steven spun on his heel and swung Shadow Wrath, pulling back quickly and stabbed his Shoto downwards to stab at Kaylee's shoulder only to have her spin on her heel before flipping away.

Steven leaped to meet her, staying on her and continued his barrage of swings, slashes, feints and occasional kicks. All in an effort to keep Kaylee on the defensive. His aura was doing its job of deflecting the blasts that came from the Dawn Shredder as it flew about ten feet above Kaylee, switching to the left or right sides of the road seemingly on its own.

He kicked Kaylee in the chin hard and brought Shadow Wrath up to finish her off. Kaylee roared and punched him across the face, sending him stumbling back. Both panted softly and looked at the other. "One minute." Steven said." Kaylee nodded. "Take it then."

A minute later the battle commenced and Steven was again on the offensive, only breaking his concentration to follow Kaylee up to the next level. He blocked her swing from behind and kicked her back, swinging again, shoving her against the wall when their blades locked. His grenade launcher was in his left hand a second later and he fired. The resulting explosion of demonic energy sent Kaylee to the floor in a heap and she gasped as Shadow Wrath was driven through her chest a second later.

Steven swung and slashed her Ing soul in half when it emerged. The expected explosion he expected never came and instead he saw Kaylee standing there in spectral form. She smiled. "Thank you."



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