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The Not so Innocent Seer


The Not So Innocent Seer

AU from the Group I’m In

But Also reflects to how I also see Elain


**Inspiration credit to this TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRakHJU3/  **


Elain was in one of the dining rooms of the River House fixing flowers that she had just picked into a vase. These were pink roses, pink roses were one of her favorite roses which meant grace and beauty but with those thorns they were still so dangerous. 


Beauty and dangerous. 


Words that described her, words that only she and perhaps only N and C knew fit her perfectly. 


The door swung open and Rhsyand came in, giving him a small smile before going back to her flowers, figuring he was just walking through the house until he began to talk, causing her to briefly pause in rearranging the flowers. 


I have some questions for you,” his voice was almost accusatory and she couldn’t help bit stand a bit higher. 


I made mistakes and you put your foot down from what I heard,” Elain said, keeping her voice steady, frowning at one flower and snipping off the end of it before putting it back in the vase. 


I’m not here to talk about, Az,” he replied in that whatever manner he tried to do to get what he wanted. 


Then what do you need me for? Dinner will be reading in about an hour, I believe.”


“I need your help,” Rhysand said, waving his hand and leaning on the fireplace. 


With what?,” Elain asked, measuring another stem and cutting it off. 


What do you know about multi-universes?”


Elain kept snipping as he said that. She pressed her lips together as she shrugged, “That they are out there and Nesta’s new sweet friend, Gwyn, has been working on it with the other priestess,” pausing for just a moment, she continued. “I have my own thoughts on it after a few dreams.” 


She could feel Rhysand studying her as he said, “We have a visitor and we need help seeing into things. Are you up for it?


Elain looked at her flowers as her finger pricked a thorn. A flash of white went through her vision before he spoke again. 


Well? Will you help us?” Rhysand had now pushed off the fireplace coming closer to her.


Oh now you want my help,” she let out a rueful chuckle, “Did you get Nesta to sign off on me getting more interesting?” Elain asked before sucking on her finger to stop the blood. 


Rhysand gave her a smirk, “I’m High Lord, I don’t need permission from her, but it is up to you. I know you’ve been wanting to help.” 


Elain gritted her teeth some, yes wanting to help, but not helping how she wanted. How she thought it would be best. She put on a black dress that wasn’t even right for her. It drained her and made her feel like she was part of the Night Court. 


She couldn’t stomach what the Hewn City was but she went and when she went she realized everyone was playing a game, no one was giving hopes or giving dreams, it was the High Lord’s dream, it was the inner circle’s dream.


Yes technically she was in the inner circle but she was just among it. Making people happy and living in the shadows or being overly protected. 


Of course, I’ll help, Bryce.” she said and as soon as she said it she knew she messed up. 


I never told you her name, Elain…


You didn’t?” she asked as she tilted her head a little and looked at him, before gripping the rose in her hand and not caring about the thorns pulsing in her palm. 


She didn’t care anymore as she felt the rush of power through the room and the doors sealing shut. 


Oh locking me up like Nesta and what Tamlin did to Feyre, Rhysand? I thought you were better than that,” Elain stated as she tossed the rose to the table and looked at him. 


Surprised that I’m not just what I seem to be? Oh wait…you and Feyre are already peacing that together. One sister at a time wasn’t it?” Elain raised an eyebrow. 


N and C had helped her go with the shadows, know how to go with the skills that were ingrained in her. 


You don’t care to really know what is really going on with me for my own sake, just the sake of your court, your High Lady.”  she said as her eyes flashed a little. 


“I would say my sister, but I don’t even know what I am anymore. I see her when she just needs company nothing of substance, Nesta didn’t want anything with me, so where was I supposed to go but here with you all, then you bug into the life I’m trying to give.” 


Elain took a breath and watched as she knew Rhysand was using his magic to ward things, “I’m not going to be a f***ing doll on the self, a pawn piece. I have my own life. My own life to live and the things I have saw and still see. 


All I want to be is in a non dark place, in a place full of spring time, full of flowers, a place full of life, not of restricted life and the way you want, but maybe I should listen to one vision I saw and be the bringer of what he wants,” her breathing racing as she kept her eyes on him. 


I used to hold on to hope. I took the position that my mother used to be for my father, the one to lean on and give him grace. I tried to give hope. I gave Feyre paints because I knew she loved them, Nesta the companionship she had at courts. I held on to hope that things would be better and they were for a moment in time but it was all fake, the love I had thought I had was shambles, my sister’s lost to other members whom they now claim as family.” 


She watched as Rhysand started to say something but she held up her hand, “No…you don’t get to try to reason your way out of this. You will not get to sideline me for my feelings, I’m tired of my feelings to be just brushed under the rug and not really matter, but just an inconvenience for everyone. 


I don’t even know who I am but I know I don’t belong here, he at least cares even if I’m going against him now.” 


Rhysand finally spoke with, “Who is he…


Elain laughed ruefully, “Don’t worry you will know soon,” and with that she closed her eyes and did something she hadn’t done since the battle of Hybern, since she was in the shadows with the dagger and she winnowed away and out to a place that offered her shelter, offered her a place of renewal, and promise. 


Even if it wasn’t what she saw in dreams, of a garden full and ready to open towards her with open arms. 


As she got to the lake she breathed out, tears falling down her face as the anger and feelings just all left her. A voice in her head calmly spoke to her as she gazed at the lake.,


 “You are safe here. You have come to a place at your own choosing and we will make sure no one else will hurt ou again or make you feel lesser than. Tho you know you have to be punished for not doing as you were told.


Of Not waiting.” 


Elain nodded, “I understand,” she said as she breathed to calm down.


Good, well then, let’s get you ready for your true self, my Wither and Bloom.” 


A flash of white happened again and Elain heard the words from Rhysand as he asked her the familiar question, as she was pulled from the vision. The vision that showed her the path she could take or twist.


Well? Will you help us?” Rhysand had now pushed off the fireplace coming closer to her.


Sorry, I cut my finger with a thorn and it pulled me from the conversation. It hit an old wound,” licking her lips she looked at Rhysand, the opportunity to be free of the anger and the feelings inside of her was there, but she couldn’t take it, not yet.


He would lock her up like he did Nesta. For a man who hated  it being down to his own mate, he had no problems locking other people up when they needed help, or were just themselves. 


Of course. Lead the way,” her voice soft as she put her flowers down, leaving the shears and following him out. 


She would do as the cauldron wanted, be it’s lover as it loved her. Loved her for her innocence and the way to disappear into things. To see all even without her powers. 


As she saw Bryce’s red hair, she smiled, if the cauldron wanted her and the horn to be together along with the trove, it couldn’t be bad…could it? 


She only flinched and was truly afraid when Bryce talked about a salt bath and putting her under the water to see. That's how her seers could see into things. 


Elain didn’t want to do that, not another thing of water, not water and blindness. She knew her face showed fear, but she said, “I’ll do it. After all, I am here to help.” 


“Yes, I promise it’ll all be over soon. Think of all that you can share with me,” she heard the voice. The voice she always thought was the cauldron’s who helped guide her and after all, what was she to do after using it where it was destroyed and rebuilt again. 



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