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09/05/2022 02:18 PM 


Branches cracked and leaves crunched under Bowie’s hiking boots, as she made her way down a hiking trail. The different hues around her took her breath away. She knew it would only be a matter of time before the leaves turned different hues of red, as fall creeped in. She wanted to enjoy the last bit of summer that was left, on one of her favourite trails. It was always so peaceful. She had been extremely stressed out at Darling Buds recently, because of a huge order from a new client. She really needed to clear her head and this was always the best way for her.

Time always got away from her when hiking, because she always got consumed by the moment she was experiencing. Not that it mattered to her. She would happily spend hours out in nature without a care in the world. When she reached the pool of water with a small water fall she took off her clothes revealing her bikini before jumping in. The water was cool and refreshing. As she swam she could hear the birds chirping. She smiled to herself. After a while she got out and dried off a little before throwing her clothes on. She began to make her way back down the trail.

As she was walking she head a couple of gunshots, and a loud scream. She thought it was someone hunting so didn’t think too much of it. A lot of hunters came to this area as there wasn’t a lot of footfall off the trail. Suddenly a man came stumbling out of the bushes and collapsed in front of her on the trail. Grabbing her phone she dialled 9-1-1 and spoke to the operator, explaining what happened and their location. She knelt down beside the man and applied pressure to the wounds he had sustained. She could see he was fading fast. “Come quickly in losing him. He’s losing a lot of blood” she called out to her phone which was now on speaker. “Hold on just a little longer. I can already hear the sirens.” she said softly to him. Hoping he would pull through.


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