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Gender: Female

Age: 30
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


09/02/2022 12:35 PM 


Create a list of 10 in character goals (must be complete sentences.)
  1. Love & Marriage - Bowie really wants to find her soulmate and get married. She wants the big day, white dress and to live happily ever after.
  2. Children - Bowie really wants to be a mother. She doesn’t mind if it is biologically or adopting. She wants children. 
  3. Run A Marathon - Bowie loves working out and a lifelong goal is to run a marathon. A full marathon not a half. 
  4. Master A Second Language - Bowie loves to travel but only knows English. She relies on translation apps and books. She would love to be able to speak another langauge fluently so she can communicate better.
  5. Second Business - Bowie dreams of starting a Second Business. She doesn’t count her upcyling as it isn’t an established business. She just hasn’t decided what she wants to do yet. 
  6. Business Expansion - Bowie really wants to expand Darling Buds. Make the shop bigger, or even buy a new place. She also dreams of opening up a shop in a second location.
  7. Travel - She loves to travel and there are so many places she needs to cross off her list. She hopes too cross then all off before she dies.
  8. Get Sober - Alcohol has ruled her life since she was eighteen. She wants to get clean. It just never seems possible.
  9. Let Go Of The Past & Heal - The past continuously haunts Bowie and she cannot move on from it. One day she hopes to be able to.
  10. Make A Difference In The Community - Bowie wants to make a big difference in the community and make things better for current and future residents. She is currently volunteering in multiple places but it doesn’t seem enough.


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