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attn: Damon, Enzo, Bonnie, Elena / mention: Caroline
His inner werewolf was snarling at being around so many vampires. “There will be plenty of time to pick on Damon and Tyler, just because they both make it so easy.” Bonnie's two cents were always that…two cents. Tyler kept his cool however like he always did. Knowing his infamous Lockwood temper, he knew it wouldn't last long.

Bonnie and her dog jokes were something he expected most of the time. Those didn't really phase him all that much. What annoyed him more was the fact two of the girls he went to school with were involved with vampires. Honestly Tyler had no room to pass judgment. His first real love was the missing member of this group, Caroline Forbes, who just so happened to be a vampire. He muttered something under his breath and stumbled forward a bit.

His Zorro costume was pretty epic, or so he thought. He wrapped the cloak around himself and moved forward into the haunted house. He let his old school pals deal with their vampire boy toys. He stayed in their line of sight, but put a little distance between them. Being a wolf was something that none of them could understand. Sure, he knew some of what vampires went through because of Klaus and his obsession with creation of a hybrid army. Not one of his better moments, that was for sure. It wasn't his fault Klaus snapped his neck, but that stupid sire bond cost him everything.

Tyler stopped for just a moment. Something had happened to Damon. Tyler honestly didn't care. The whole haunted house aesthetic was cheesy as hell, but it was something that appealed to those poor fools who didn't know monsters were real.

The others were speaking behind him. He could hear them. He had accentuated hearing as a wolf. In a manner of speaking, Tyler looked like a dog sitting in place with ears raised and the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. He could feel the change starting to happen like it did every month before he gained control over it. His eyes flashed golden and his fangs were starting to erupt.

"No…" He growled low, not sure if anyone could hear him. He was able to keep himself from fully transforming but something was trying to push him over the edge. There was something here in the air that pricked at him. Wolves were not created by witch magic. He knew this. He shouldn't be affected by anything magical that was happening to him. Something WAS happening and he had no idea what. He buried his head in his hands for just a moment. His digits covering his face were starting to get covered in the same dark fur that he had in full wolf form. He was also gaining his canine claws. It was taking the sum total of all his strength and mental training to stop from wolfing out completely against his will.

To the casual observer, it would look as though he was just getting into the spirit of the holiday. Those who knew who and what he was could tell something was very wrong with the young man that had been called Lockwolf one too many times by the elder Salvatore. His control was slipping more between wolf and human. Some outside force was pushing him harder. He was able to keep it under control for now, but that wasn't going to last long. Tyler was fighting a losing battle. If he didn't get help fast, he was going to wolf out completely and rip Damon's throat out with not so much as a whimper.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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