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08/16/2022 09:01 PM 

sometimes, it's all a lie.

sometimes you meet someone and you two immediately c l i c k.

sometimes they say its not about the length of the relationship rather than the quality.

sometimes you learn about their quirks immediately. you learn what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night. you pour your heart out to one another. hell, you even know each other's favorite pornstar.

sometimes you say nothing at all. you're just there in each other's presence. sitting on bed sheets that haven't been washed in god knows how long. the silence creating a warm security blanket in a friendship as you pass the joint back and forth, smoke filling the confines of the room.

sometimes you tear each other down, spewing words that hit you in the gut more than anyone else ever has. you land punches. tackle each other to the ground. big blow out skirmishes that would destroy any other friendship, yet these fights bring us closer together.

but sometimes... it's all a lie.


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