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08/16/2022 05:49 PM 

An Unworthy King

//Short Writing Sample. I will flesh this out far more at a later date. Part 2?? Input appreciated. 

The weary Ranger sat quietly within his tent, roughened fingertips pinched around a small piece of metal. Sharp blue orbs studied every detail of it as if debating each part of it with his desire for its purpose. A small ring, delicate and made specially by the elves of Rivendell. Months had passed since he and his men had been given refuge there, and not a day passed that he did not think of the trinket normally kept tucked away in his pocket.

“Aragorn..?” A voice snapped his attention away from the daydream in his mind, the raven-haired woman blinking out of his thoughts at the mention of his name. The Ranger glanced up, fingers quickly wrapping around the ring. The look on his friend's face told him he had seen it. The quick glint of metal and jewel as it tucked away in his hand. “Is that…?” The man asked, moving more into the tent as his curiosity piqued. Ryton was one of his closest and longest friends, one he knew even before his time as a young boy in Rivendell. If anything had ever happened to Hal or himself, Ryton would be the one who led their men.

Aragorn knew better than to deny it and gave a heavy sigh, shifting the ring once more to his fingertips. “A fantasy Ryton, nothing more.”

“And yet it’s been made. It is within your hand as clear as you and I live and breathe. That is no fantasy Aragorn, that is real.”

“It only becomes real if I am worthy of it…”
 Aragorn replied dryly, now closing his hand around it. “She deserves a king Ryton.. nothing less.”

“It’s a good thing that is what you are then isn’t it?” 
Ryton replied with a small smile. “It’s never too late Aragorn. You have many who will follow you, countless who will praise the throne is once mo…”

 Aragorn snapped unexpectedly, regret almost immediately following. Lids closed tightly, another sigh, more doubt. Orbs revealed once more, now finding Rytons. “You know I can’t….”

“Can’t… or won’t? You are not Isildur. You are Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Ranger of the north, respected by men and elves alike. You cast doubt upon yourself day after day despite all the support you have around you. Gondor needs you as their king, they need to feel hope again. You are that hope, that change. But you cannot keep hidden from the world.” Ryton replied, before motioning to the hand with the ring concealed within. “And you cannot keep doubting that you are not worthy of her love. Ask her Aragorn, and I promise you, she will say yes. Because she doesn’t need a king. She needs you. She wants you. Aragorn. Son of Arathorn. The Ranger. And one day, if you are to accept your rightful place as king, then she will happily be your queen. Deep down you already know this. You must cast aside your fear Aragorn. Stop living in the past."


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