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The look in Hope’s eyes when she looked up at her mother would make anybody’s heart melt, but Hayley knew it meant more. She hadn’t really been able to spend time with her father, so she was raised by her mother mostly.

Often times; Niklaus never took responsibility for what happened between them on that night mixed with tequila and jack. She sighed to herself as the memories came rushing back to her and then glanced down at her daughter again, her lips turning up into an even bigger smile when she saw the pure joy that was twinkling in Hope’s eyes.

“Josie, Lizzie and Caroline are waiting for us… I couldn’t wait to see you so I took off.” Hope said and Hayley smiled at her, brushing her hair behind her ear gently. “It’s okay, kiddo.” She said with a smile at her.

“Let’s see if we can find them, yeah?” Hope smiled at her again and Hayley laughed soflty, kissing her temple again before she pulled back and gently brushed her tears away from her cheeks under her eyes, she then heard a familiar voice which made her look up from their embrace and she smiled even more.

She wrapped her arm around Hope’s shoulders as they began to walk and talk throughout the airport, both keeping eyes out for Caroline and her girls. Hayley smiled a little more when she caught glimpse of Caroline and the sign she was holding welcoming her to Italy.

“Wow, she really goes all out all the time huh?” Hayley teased, Hope looked up at her and laughed softly nodding her head. “She wanted it to be special. A surprise kind’ve.” She replied; Hayley beamed down at her daughter and kissed her forehead softly while they walked.

“Just being with you all is all I need, it’s special enough. She could be Alice Cullen’s doppleganger, I mean she’s fashionable, she likes to go all out and plan things, and she’s always so peppy and happy.” Hope shook her head and laughed before glancing at her mother again when she referred to one of vampires from Twilight. “You haven’t seen her when she’s angry much then have you? You can tell she’s been spending a little too much time with dad.” She laughed, and Hayley let out another giggle.

Caroline Forbes; she hadn’t seen the girl in a very long time. Smiling in Caroline’s direction when she heard her mention how excited Hope had gotten, She walked over to the blonde with her daughter in tow once they were able to find each other throughout the massive groups of walking and standing people, waiting patiently for the flights to be called.

She wrapped and wrapped her arms around her neck, hugging her long time friend tightly after Caroline had set her sign aside, which only made Hayley giggle and her heart was so full of love it was almost unbearable. 

“It’s good to see you too, Care.” She said, pulling back and gave her another smile. The people rushing around the airport seemed to disappear when Hayley and Hope were together, she was her whole world, and heart.  

Hayley smiled hearing Caroline’s words and she leaned into her kiss upon her cheek and she smiled at her once they pulled away from each other, she reached up and gently tucked a hand behind Caroline’s ear in a motherly fashion even though they were pretty much the same age, she looked around again and bit her lip seeing all the feet rushing around in every direction. “Is this place always so busy?” She asked curiously, looking back at Caroline with furrowed brows now.

Hope smiled at her mother and wrapped her arms around her waist hugging her from the side. Hayley smiled at her and kissed her forehead before wrapping a single arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to her.

When Caroline mentioned that she deserved the plane ticket being paid for, Hayley rolled her eyes playfully and smirked at her. “You know I’m going to pay you back eventually.” She mused with a giggle in her direction, shaking her head when she heard about Alaric’s tab.

“That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.” She added with another giggle. Nodding her head at Caroline’s suggestion about the two of them coming back another time, for some adult time, she knew it wouldn’t hurt and the girls would be safe at the school where they were now residing.

“We definitely deserve some rest and relaxation.” She replied, this place was absolutely beautiful, and she felt relaxed even if they were standing in the middle of the busy airport.

Grinning at Lizzie when she heard her sigh she smiled at the girl and nodded her head.
“You know how dad feels about underage drinking.” Josie said softly from alongside her sister and Lizzie smirked and rolled her eyes.

“What daddy doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.” She replied back, linking arms with her sister and Josie laughed a bit, rolling her own eyes afterward. They were indeed the same, they couldn’t deny that.

Hayley ran her fingers through Hope’s strawberry blonde locks and her head leaned against her, closing her eyes and sighed contently while they stood there in the crowd of people.

Hearing Caroline say that she had gotten them a rental car was a nice touch, public transportation wasn’t their thing, especially in a place where the population spoke mostly Italian and didn’t understand English well, you’d get lucky if you found a tourist guide who spoke the same language, much less be able to understand it.

But then again, Caroline had spend a lot of time living here so Hayley was excited to see how much communicating she would be able to do in the process of their shopping trip and the day’s festivities.

Following behind the girls who were walking in between her and Hope and her mother who was taking up the forefront, Hayley smiled to herself as they walked behind the three others alongside her daughter.

“Have you heard from dad lately?” Hayley looked down when she heard Hope’s voice suddenly and she sighed a bit, shaking her head before glancing down at her once again.

“Not lately honey, he’s busy with your uncle Elijah in New Orleans, you know; good old family business.” Hope nodded and looked up at her mother with slightly saddened eyes before looking ahead to pay attention where they were walking.

“I know baby girl, I know how much you miss your father. Maybe we can call him later when we get to the hotel, yeah?” Hayley watched Hope’s eyes light up along with a smile curling up around her lips and she nodded her head; hugging her mother’s waist a little tighter. “I’d like that.” She said softly while they followed Caroline, Lizzie and Josie to the entrance of the airport.

Hayley laughed as she watched Caroline fiddle with the key fab of the car that she had rented for them, once they reached the car in the just as busy lot she grinned when she noticed the car that she had chosen.

“Can I just take this home? I’ll trade in my Jeep for it.” She laughed looking the car over as they got closer to it. She laughed once again watching Caroline getting into the driver’s seat.

“No, I don’t mind at all. Have fun girl.” She chimed with a grin in her direction. Lizzie was mumbling under her breath as she sat in the middle of Hope and Josie in the backseat.

As soon as Hayley sat in the passenger’s side she felt a chill run down her spine, as if someone was using magic miles away. She shook her head and hoped that nobody noticed, something about carrying Hope left a little bit of a witchy side in Hayley that she still didn’t understand but she didn’t know if she wanted to or not. The magic of witches scared her more than she cared to admit, so she tried her best to keep the feeling to herself.

Glancing back at her daughter who stared at her silently and nodded her head; she quickly realized that Hope sensed it too. Something was happening, they just didn’t know what or where it would begin. But someone was using magic that they weren’t supposed to be able to get into.

Italy was well known for their stories about the supernatural and the wars between factions behind the scenes, just as much trouble that was caused in New Orleans.

Hayley smiled at her daughter and glanced at Caroline and leaned her head back against the rest behind her that was attached to the seat. Hayley internally hoped that this trip wouldn’t be interrupted by supernatural drama that seemed to follow them everywhere they went.

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