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Gender: Female

Age: 27
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November 27, 2021


08/04/2022 09:14 PM 




When did they lose their virginity?

Caroline lost her virginity at fifteen to her high school boyfriend. It lasted about twenty seconds and if she was honest she probably wasn’t ready and didn’t want to. He still brags about it till this day on social media, she doesn’t pay him any mind though, she’s often quoted saying “get that clout, honeyyyy” when asked about the situation. 


Do they have any kinks or fetishes?

Caroline primarily has a praise kink, there’s very few things that can get her turned on faster than a “Are you going to be a good girl?” Breath play. Bondage. Impact play, Caroline loves when Abel leaves marks because she wants to feel it later. 


What is the weirdest place they’ve had sex?

Elle’s office at lifted. 


What is their favorite position?

Caroline likes being on top unless she’s tied up, of course, she’s a fan of from behind with a hand around her throat (she really hates the term doggy, it reminds her of her pets and that turns her off.) ,


Are they dominant, submissive, or switched?

Caroline is a control freak on crack outside of the bedroom and prefers to give up control in the bedroom. She can be aggressive, and attempt to take control, but in reality she just likes the power struggle, even if Abel always wins. 


Have they had any one-night stands?



Would they be more likely to do it in the bed, on the couch, on the floor, or somewhere else?

Everywhere.  Anywhere. But most often the bed.


Have they had sex in a public place?

Mhmmm. Caroline is an extremely impatient woman when she wants something…or someone (that someone being her fiance)


Have they ever been caught masturbating?

Caroline has been caught masturbating once by her manager and she wanted to die. 


What does their favorite sexy underwear (to wear) look like?

She loves to dress up, she almost always wears a matching set because they make her feel pretty. Her favorites are often white and covered with lace. Caroline loves to dress up and has an impressive collection of teddies and garters, along with more than she can count matching bras and thongs. 


How often do they have sex?

Caroline has sex mostly daily, her and her fiance have a….more than enthusatic sex life.

 Is there anybody right now they’d like to have sex with? 

Abel Tesfaye, of course. 

Do they like giving oral? 

Caroline loves giving oral, she loves getting praised while she does so.

Do they like receiving oral? 

Yes, and her fiance is the king of giving oral.

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to them during sex?
Caroline let an ex boyfriend handcuff her to bed when someone showed up at the door. He left her there to answer it and said he’d be right back. She was worried that he had another girlfriend or something, but it was worse, it was his mother and she was busting through the door. 

What is a song they’d listen to during hard/rough/kinky sex? 

Caroline doesn’t really like music when it's hard/rough, she wants to hear the sound of Abel’s voice.

What is a song they’d listen to during soft/slow/passionate sex? 

Starry eyes by the weeknd

Are they into roleplay or dress-up during sex?

Caroline loves to dress up, and will be happy with a little roleplaying but she doesn’t need it.

Would they prefer sex in the tub or sex in the shower?

Caroline loves shower sex, but isn’t opposed to a slow and steamy tub session. . 

If they could have sex with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? 

Carolne’s conviced there’s no better sex than with her fiance, so Abel. 

Have they ever had a threesome? 

Nope, Caroline is afraid she’d be much too jealous.

Do they/would they use sex toys?

Mhm, she has quite the collection. 

Have they ever given someone a dirty text/letter/picture?

She loves sending spicy snapchats to her fiance, and is always down for a little sexy text to keep his mind focused on her.

Would they have sex with their best friend? 


Is there anything they do after sex? (ex: smoke, eat, drink, cuddle) 

Caroline loves to snuggle after sex, pop an edible maybe. 

What is something that will never fail to get them horny?

Dirty talk, and Abel's eyebrow raise. 

Do they prefer morning sex or night sex?

Both, she’s not picky and often has both. 

What is their favorite body part on the opposite sex? 

Hands. forearms. 

What is their favorite body part on the same sex? 

Caroline is straight but will always appreciate a good ass. 


Do they watch porn/read dirty magazines? 

Caroline doesn’t really feel the need to watch porn or read dirty magazines right now, she likes to make videos with her fiance and will occasionally read a smutty novel that she was recommended on tik tok.



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