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The Berkleys owned their own law firm and Stella grew up rich. Her father had a sh*t ton of money and gave Stella a weekly allowance. When Stella was older though he cut her off because she wanted to do youtube and he didn’t like the idea. He wanted her to be a lawyer like him and work for him but she would rather die than work for her father. Stella has been doing youtube for a while and gets a ton of collaborations and has her own makeup line with colourpop that she couldn't be more proud of. She is proud of her accomplishments even if it means her father isn’t. She doesn’t really care. Stella stays away from her father but goes to visit her mother as she is still close to her mom even though her father is an a**hole. Stella is an only child and likes it that way because she is and always has been the center of attention which Stella doesn't mind. She’s secretly fooling around with Dani because Dani doesn’t want anyone to know so they’re a secret right now. Stella knows if her family found out she was into girls it’d be the end of her so she’s fine with keeping it a secret.


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