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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 108
Country: United States

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April 01, 2021


08/03/2022 01:48 PM 


FULL NAME: Dorian Blake Cadell
SEXUALITY: Bisexual 
AGE: 30
BODY TYPE: Ivory in colour, muscular and toned matched with piercing blue eyes. Has thick black hair. 
ACCENT: Has a light but distinguishable Irish accent
TATTOOS: One depicting a snake wrapped around his left forearm
LIKES: Exotic pets, meeting new people, making his ‘business’ a success 
DISLIKES: People abandoning him, others getting in the way, cops. 

BACKSTORY: Dorian Cadell was born somewhere in Ireland, though nobody really knows where. He was raised as an orphan, only getting adopted by a higher class family at the age of 13 in London. As a kid, he was fascinated by the human brain and what it was capable of. He earned a degree in Psychology and went off to become a private surgeon before successfully becoming a chef at a well known restaurant.
As time went on, Cadell became more of an extrovert and wasn’t afraid of charming anyone until they became obsessed with him. 
To this day, all the women and men he had dated were never found after being around him, but he was cleared of being a suspect whenever questioned. 
Being a semi private man towards the rest of the world has its perks. 

Faceclaim: Colin O'Donoghue 


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