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08/03/2022 01:46 PM 

Category: Stories
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Hey Lovelies, 
I’ve been wanting to do a horror and dark storyline. 
Be warned there will be lots of gore, violence and is only encouraged to be written with fellow 18+ writers. 

The story would go as follows:

Dorian Cadell (m/c) would be across road neighbours with (y/c), who just moved in to the the cozy right knitted neighbourhood. With the background as a cook, Cadell would greet the lady/man with a homecooked meal, soon getting to know the newcomer and flattering the other with his charm. Eventually, the two would go out of town on their first date, which becomes a success as both of them have a lot more in common than you’d think. After a steamy night, and plenty of other days of knowing each other, suddenly Dorian becomes more distant and (Y/C) doesn’t know why. Eventually, he gets asked and excuses it as work giving him a lot of projects to take care of. But as time goes on , he seems to be watching (Y/C) more closely... and he/she walks in to his unlocked house, witnessing a bloody sight in the kitchen, him frantically cutting a large amount of meat and swaying happily to classical music. Will he let his neighbour live? Or will he let them become of his past neighbours? 

Would prefer to write on Discord :)


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