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07/29/2022 05:24 PM 

Fear Everything (3W group post)

Fear Everything
attn: anyone on Crescent Land / mention: Hayley, Mason and Caroline
Tyler was definitely stir crazy. The Beta to Hayley Marshall was feeling like a caged animal. He paced back and forth in his cabin on Crescent Lands. Enzo St. John and a kid named Landon had the misfortune of seeing him getting all growly like this. “All we’re doing is just sitting here and waiting for Klaus and all his goons to come get us. Frankly, I'm tired of waiting.” He started toward the door of his cabin. It had been far too long since he’d seen his Uncle Mason. Hell, he didn’t know if Mason was even alive at this point. “You’re welcome to come with me if you want, both of you.” He told both of them. “Just be ready for a fight. I want to stir up some noise. I’m tired of just sitting here waiting for Klaus to come and get me.” Tyler’s eyes glittered gold. He bristled like a wolf did when they were ready to attack. Enzo and Landon were safe. He wasn’t going to hurt them. The threat of Klaus Mikaelson in his life had been hanging around for far too long. “It’s either him or me once and for all…” He growled as he stormed out the door with no idea if either one was going to follow him or not.

Tyler made his way across Crescent Land to where he had hidden a pickup truck that had seen better days. Hiding a gas guzzling vehicle like this on the ancestral land and sanctuary of the werewolves in this day and age was an accomplishment in and of itself. He started to pull away the brush that covered the car. He caused his right hand to turn wolf-like so he could use the extended claws to cut away the kudzu vines that had covered it. He knew that if anyone saw him, they’d either try to stop him or go with him. He welcomed it.

Tyler knew he was a hot head. He’d always been a hot head. Ever since that first day he’d been cursed, he knew that werewolves were always more passionate after they had their first transformation. Senses were heightened, emotions more volatile and passions ran exceptionally high. His only calming influence had always been Caroline Forbes. Caroline loved him enough that she stayed right there when he had that first transformation in the old Lockwood cellar an eternity ago. He’d never wanted to hurt her ever, but then Klaus Mikaelson got in the way. Klaus had turned him into a hybrid. Tyler had a standing in the supernatural community as Klaus’ first successful hybrid. He hated it more than anything. If he could go back in time and change it all, he would. He lost everything when he lost Caroline. That’s what made him so dangerous.

Tyler climbed into the front seat of the truck and tried his damndest to turn the engine over. The pathetic sound of the older engine made him growl louder, uttering a few more expletives in the process. He wasn’t so sure what going out into the town in New Orleans would do. Without a doubt, he’d had a target on his back because of who he was. How could he not? Tyler dreamed of the day he could pull Klaus’ heart from his body and eat it right in front of all his lackeys and sycophants. The world would be so much better without Klaus in it.

Tyler slammed his hands into the steering wheel when the engine wouldn’t turn over. If he didn’t calm down soon enough, he’d wolf out and run all the way to New Orleans as a wolf. He was that agitated and emotional. Sitting on the sidelines was never his cup of tea. He was the star wide receiver in highschool for a reason. “WHAT THE HELL!” He growled in a very hostile voice in general. He needed to get out there and rip some heads off of some lackeys so he could stop living like this. This wasn’t living. This was existing.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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