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Rules and Guidelines
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Disclaimer: I am not Nina Devore nor am I Katherine Pierce or Katerina Petrova. I am merely the writer behind the character and take no copyrighted information or rights to the character. This page is meant for roleplaying purposes only. However, please do not steal anything that has been edited, changed, or manipulated through image manipulation and editing. Thank you for your patience and for reading these rules.

1. I am a paragraph / multiple paragraph writer who writes in third person format; I write in complete sentences, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This is for the purpose of keeping things concise and organized.

2. Please do not steal from this page as it has been edited to my own satisfaction and I have written things in my own words and edited images to my liking as well. All credits are reserved for the rightful owners and I make no money for distributing this content.

3. I am not able to be online all the time which will require you to be patient with me while I am offline. I will, of course, notify friends on my list of the time in which I am going to be gone and when I will return.

4. Personal information will not be distributed, handed out, or given to anyone including close friends. I DO NOT have discord and would like to state that I probably will NOT get one. Things such as emails, messengers, personal addresses, and phone numbers for texting.

5. This is a multi-ship account which means that I will not stick to one partner or have mains to "collect" while I am online here. I am here to write and make friends and continue to grow as a writer. 

6. Nothing excites me more than a good storyline which has chemistry with another person. Twists and turns and other marvolous things that go on in stories. Please , let's return to the good days when we put effort into the writing we dish out and I would love to have some roleplaying with anyone from the vampire diaries, the originals, and legacies. I will also welcome crossovers such as charmed, supernatural, and stranger things.

7. I would love to write with a lot of people, but please keep in mind  I don't have a lot of time so I will be allowing a selective amount of people to write with me. Please do not fret if I don't agree to write to you. You will get your chance; just be patient.

8. I don't mind how you contact me. However, if you prefer contacting me through messages; for writing and comments for discussion, and other things like that. Chatting and banter are to be done in a stream. I do not want single-word comments on my comment section, but introductions are fine within the comments on that. 

9. I will not roleplay with minors I am 32 in real life and it would never be something I would do just to avoid situations that could become toxic. 

10. I will not tolerate any harssment of any kind including but not limited to ; bullying, cyber bullying, emotional, mental or physical bullying. Manipulation, blackmail, or transphobia, homophobia, or other forms of harassment.

Thank you for accepting or sending me a friend request. My name is Katherine Pierce and I would love to write together! I would not mind a discussion or pre-made starter or written paragraphs. 


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