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Sample/Starter: Home; Mysterious Island.

New Home; And a Mysterious Island.
Theme: Starting Point.
SVRCINA - Island.
Prompt: Home, Motorhome, Island, Stranded.

A new home with a new college and people to go with it.

America, Florida. It wasn’t home to her just yet, but her father was more than eager to live around here when he lived. When she turned eighteen another day and her a letter came in about her father vanishing. No word or warning, but she knew better than that herself. Her father would never leave without a word. Something happened, or he went into hiding because of his job.

Sabrina Ann Carter lived here for seven years now. Her father had been gone ever since that day and she didn’t know where he could be. Sabrina learned to let him be after the other ten. Besides, if he ended up coming to trouble, then he left without letting her known for a good reason. She was more content on staying home. If you could consider a motor home a home.

It was around the afternoon now. Sabrina was just walking down the street from the college with a monster can in her hand. Taking one last sip before crushing it in her hand and throwing it into the bin while passing it. In her free hand, she held her phone, checking over the texts from her friends. When it buzzed in her hand, her eyes looked over it.

“Read the news? I hate reading...” Sabrina frowned slightly. She was pretty sure Lily knew she didn’t enjoy reading, so why suggest it? Maybe it was about some actor or singer she was into... Again.

So she did. Mind you, reluctantly.

Sabrina flicked her thumb on the screen to read the new set of news on the screen. “Oak Island?” She murmured, her finger scrolling down as she read the paper. Coming to realizing that the Island was in fact the same one near to here. Everyone was going on about it. Something about a myth, sea creatures... Or was it nymphs? No. Mermaids, that was it.

Round Oak island there is the largest population of Mako sharks and sea turtles, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.

Off-shore there are coral reef sands and several wrecks. On the northern side of the island there is a place called Triton’s Reef, it’s a known as a place where sharks breed. Throughout history, there have been peculiar happenings around Oak island, such as a whirlpool and many shipwrecks and disappearances, giving Oak island an eerie reputation.

If a human being comes into the Moon Pool when the Full Moon passes over, they will undergo Metamorphosis into a merperson. They will also gift him or her with special powers over water. Those merpeople native from the sea are born with all Merpeople Powers, including the standard water-based and weather powers. It is also known that if a land person somehow absorbs Moon Water, they will get those standard powers but as long it remains inside his or her physical system.

Part of the island was formed from an impact of a celestial object millions of years ago.

A pod of Southern merpeople took over Oak Island. They established their residence on the island’s large, shark-infested reefs and still rules over Oak Island, and used the Moon Pool for their rituals.

One thousand years ago, a merman pod tried to take over Oak Island from the Oak Pod, and initiated a war in order to achieve their purpose. It was by this time that the Trident was created, and the mermen originally planned to use it to destroy and kill any mermaid who appeared in their way. Armies of mermaids from the five oceans battled with them, however, they almost perished until a merman knew what they were doing was wrong, and betrayed his fellow mermen pod members and joined the mermaids. They eventually won the war and the Trident was sealed away in the Trident Cave to prevent a similar situation to happen again. Afterwards, all mermen became enemies to mermaids worldwide due to this, were exhiled and forced to flee on land by them and went through adoption into a foster human family as hatchlings.

In the 1950s, humans somehow found trapped themselves at the sea cave where the Moon Pool is located. Once they got into it, the Full Moon rised and bathed the pool in light, undergoing the teenagers into Metamorphosis. Some time later after becoming mermaids, they all were almost exposed when one of the girls boyfriend, snapped some photos of there true self while swimming, however, one of the girls threw his camera into the sea and their secret was protected once again. Despite this, he still tried to convince townspeople that the trio were mermaids, but the land dwellers didn’t believed him and the girls were once more safe.

The girlfriend angrily broke up with him, never forgiving him, and her friendship with the girls was re-established. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards. Years later, in 1957, one of the girls became tired of her boyfriend, obsession with her true identity and his theories, that she intentionally gave up her life as a mermaid forever at the Moon of Fifty Years. She tossed away her locket and broke up with him, however, it is unknown if it was before or after the dangerous power-stripping Full Moon. However, when she was an ordinary girl once more, she and her best-friends ended their friendship and everything was left behind as well.

Any other girl like Sabrina's age would have rolled her eyes and ignored the rumors, but she unfortunately knew that some things could lead to other... Things and that was something she could handle. The problem was avoiding the things in the water. The island was very well known for being a breeding ground for many dangerous sea creatures and more.

Sabrina lifted her phone again and used her free hand to drag down her setting menu. 4:30. Just enough time to do some shopping and check on this island.

...And that’s what she did for most of the day, taking a short pit stop to her motor home her father left her with. How he even paid for a high-end version of a caravan she did not know. However, it worked with her if she wanted to travel after college. By six, she was walking toward the beach pier to find a boat to rent out. As usual, some bullies are annoying all the girls and young teens venturing out so late at night.

Thanks to her father knowing some people, she hired a boat cheap, as long as she came back when the time ran out. Sabrina walked over to her boat and glanced at the bullies. Rolling her eyes, she pushed the boat away from the pier and sat in her seat. Grabbing her key, she turned the boat in the direction of the island, hoping to avoid any trouble with the sea creatures in the water. If there was one thing she did fear, it was sharks. It took her ten minutes to arrive at the island. Twisting the key out, she stopped her boat and climbed over the top before jump onto the sandy beach of the island.

“So this is... Oak Island? Looks like a dump to me.”

Sabrina pulled her backpack onto her shoulder, pulling the front open to find her flashlight inside. Flicking it on, she scanned the island for anything that didn’t look normal. Looks completely normal to me. She thought, only for her to slip backward into a hole. The moment she fell in, she felt the rush of icy cold water. Sabrina gasped and screamed, her hands wildly looking for something to grab onto. In the middle of her panic, her flash light fell into the water. Gone forever. The water was so cold it must have forced her body into panic instantly. When she found the edge of the pool, she pulled herself out with fast-paced gasps for air. Sabrina closed her eyes tightly, counting to ten in her head.

“Of all the f***ing places... F***, f***!” Sabrina rasped, almost growling out her words to no one.

Her heart was hammering against her chest and the cold air wasn’t making her any better. Sabrina blinked back the tears in her eyes and threw the bag onto the ground. “...And I dropped my flashlight.” She sighed out, her eyes rolling upwards at her own stupidity. Great. Now it was sit here till morning or go back in and try to find it. Thankfully, this was a small pool. After a few minutes of breathing in and out, she slipped back in the pool and took a deep cleansing breath before diving head first under the water. Few minutes later she came back with a gasp of air, hair wet and a scowl on her face.

The moon light suddenly made her eyes close from the sudden bright light, her hand coming to her face to cover her eyes. Only to feel the water around her warming up and bubble around her body. Sabrina eyes looked down, brows furrowing when her legs tingled under the water. Once the water calmed, she realized the icy water felt... Almost good and realized she wasn’t wearing any of her normal clothes.

“...What on earth?.”

Sabrina, in her confusion, tried to lift herself onto the sandy patch she was on before and realized she was heavy, only to find herself with a tail instead of legs. “...Oh, you have got to be kidding me...” She bent herself forward and twisted herself around until she was sitting up. The moon light gave her a nice glimpse of her aquamarine tail. Her hand ran down the front. She was wet but not slimy, still it made her grimace. “...Gross.”

Even her clothes changed into a simple white and gold bra of some sort. Her hair was past her backside, longer than before and her hands were... Well, she didn’t want to think about that either. After a bit, Sabrina lifted her tail out of the water and prayed it would go away, eventually.


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