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06/23/2022 03:32 PM 

- rules

  1. This should go without saying but I won’t allow godmodding. I count this as forcing headcanons and forcing ships without prior knowledge. Please let me know if you have things in mind if you do and I’ll probably be more than happy to incorporate them. This also includes forcing my muse to be cisgendered. She is transgendered. No I won't change that because you don't feel comfortable. Block and move on.
  2. I do not mind the odd nsfw roleplay. However, I don’t expect my partners to do them without agreement and you shouldn’t either. Also, I really shouldn’t have to say this but I do not roleplay incest or paedophilia. I also reserve the right to say no. 
  3. Related to the first one, I am 24 years old. Due to past experiences of interacting with minors, I will no longer be interacting with anyone under 21. I don’t feel the need to be friends with anyone underage and I hate the amount of minors who push boundaries without repercussion. 
  4. Another relation to the previous point; Ki suffers from hypersexuality which is a really serious mental illness. I have done my research on this and I don’t play it for laughs or anything like that. She will never advance on characters who aren’t interested and it won’t be forced on any muse. There just may be discussions of it
  5. I don’t have any triggers in particular. I am really sensitive towards harm to children and animals. However, as you can see, the stories I write are really dark so there will be triggers here. The main ones are; homophobia, transphobia, alcoholism, kidnapping and unhealthy obsessions.
  6. I am selective about who I interact with. However, I do try and follow everyone back to give everyone a fair chance.
  7. I won’t post my discord here but you are more than welcome to ask for me for my discord.
  8. I  would prefer that people reblog memes from the source rather than me directly. It can be disheartening when tons of people reblog memes without sending ones, especially if it’s headcanon memes.
  9. Also hello! I am trixie and i am 24 from Scotland. I am currently at college and I work in a care home (which is a very draining job ahaha) so please please be patient with me! I also have other blogs which I will be posting! So please be patient with me :D


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