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Ki was orphaned as soon as they were born but through a stroke of luck (bad or good is up to you) was adopted alongside a young boy. However, she was adopted as part of an experiment to enhance intelligence. Both of them were given chips in their brains with brand new identities and personalities. It worked, and Kiran was given her new name and identity as well as a mother named Elisa Smith who was working on the project as well as part of the CIA. They were also told that their adoptive sibling was their twin brother, Derek, just not identical.

The experiment worked out fine and both of the children excelled in their studies and grew their own personalities. As a teenager, Ki began to grow into their own. They came to the conclusion that they were bisexual (later changed to just flat out gay) and questioned her gender, at first identifying as nonbinary (but  later believing herself to be a woman). Coming out to her parents as bisexual first was rough as their father refused to believe it and insisted Ki was just wanting attention but Elisa was fully supportive of her son. This led to her parents splitting up and Ki living with her mother full time.

At one point, Ki left school with good grades and went to college. Their passion was computing science as it was the one thing she really enjoyed. With their knowledge of computing science, tech design and various other tech-related stuff, Ki ended up leaving the nest to start her own computing company in their area. This mainly included repairing computers around the local area as well as showing older people how to use the internet.

Since Ki had gotten older, she was an avid dater. She loved going on dates and went on them quite frequently. At the time, She was still into women as well as men and had many boyfriends and girlfriends but never kept anything serious. However, one night in a suave bar when their date hadn't shown up, she ended up running into a guy who was just their type. Tall, devilishly attractive and seemingly gentleman-like but Ki could see danger. So, it was no wonder they hooked up. They ended up back at this man's place and Ki stayed the next day.

However, this man was not all he seemed. When Ki tried to leave, they circled right back into the house as if by magic.

This man wasn't even a man. He was a demon and from one night, had fallen absolutely head over heels with Ki and wasn't letting them leave.

The house was a part of the place called the void and only this man knew how to leave the void. The man had introduced himself as Adam but later revealed his name as Mortis, and he was a demon that collected the souls of the recently deceased

Mortis refused to let Ki go. This resulted in Ki being kept captive by Mortis by reducing them to living in the basement. Mortis acted gentle at first, not wanting to hurt Ki because he was in love with Ki. However, his actions proved otherwise. He would grow impatient when Ki didn't show the same love back and would often refuse basic necessities. It went on for a few years. Eventually, in their bleak situation, Ki ended up just bending to Mortis' will and falling in love with him. It was an abusive, disgusting relationship and Ki wanted to be free.

Three years later, Mortis was found out to be having an affair with a friend of his and Ki lost it. By this point, Ki had met all of Mortis' friends (which were few) including a woman named Belladonna who was into Mortis. Another one of Mortis' friends took pity on Ki during the whole event and when Mortis was at work, broke them out to let them out of the void.

However, three years being held captive by a demon...where do you go from there

Ki found themselves an apartment. Their mind was messed up after the three years and no way of contacting their mother or brother, Ki filled the void once again with dating. However, Ki found themselves going after the worst of the worst. They didn't care who as long as it felt good afterwards. They turned to drinking and smoking as well. Their computing business was no more and instead, they became a black hat hacker, doing malware commissions online and genuinely causing trouble.


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