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June 26th, 2022

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Gender: Female

Age: 28
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


06/23/2022 12:01 PM 


1.) Would you rather camp in a tent or an RV? Tent in warmer weather RV in the colder weather
2.) Would you rather go “glamping” (fancy camping) or go backpacking? Backpacking
3.) Would you rather go fishing or hiking? Hiking
4.) Would you rather tell ghost stories or play games around the campfire? Ghost Stories
5.) Would you rather roast marshmallows or hot dogs? Marshmallows
6.) Would you rather camp in the Spring or the Fall? Spring
7.) Would you rather go camping or go on a fancy cruise? Camping 
8.) Would you rather go to a campground with a playground or a pool? Pool
9.) Would you rather camp deep in the woods or at a campground with activities? Deep in the woods
10.) If you were camping, would you rather see a bear or a skunk outside your tent? Skunk 
11.) Would you rather kayak or canoe? Kayak
12.) If you caught a fish, would you rather eat it or throw it back into the water? Eat it 
13.) Would you ever go tent camping alone or would you rather go with a group? Both depending on the mood
14.) Would you rather go camping with your friends or your family? Both 
15.) Would you rather eat smores or trail mix for dessert? S’mores
16.) Would you rather take a long hike without hills or a short climb? Long hike
17.) What is worse, getting bit by a snake or a bat? A bat unless it’s a posioness snake
18.) Would you rather have power or be off the grid when camping? Go off grid
19.)  Would you rather go camping for two weeks or two nights? Two weeks 
20.) Would you rather go camping in freezing cold or super-hot temperatures? Both
21.) Would you rather bring bug spray or sunscreen? Bug spray
22.) Would you rather go camping by yourself with gourmet food or go camping with friends and canned food only? Friends
23.) Would you rather bring your best friend camping for one week or four friends camping for one night? One week
24.) If you were responsible to make dinner camping, would you rather cook hotdogs over the fire or a gourmet campfire meal? Hotsogs
25.) Would you rather camp on hot sand in 90-degree weather by the ocean or 70-degree weather in the woods? Both


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