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06/23/2022 09:26 PM 

Order form

1. Package:

2. Faceclaim/'s:

3. If it is a couples package - the same amount of Gifs apply. You can purchase different packages for different characters.  Or you can split them up - just make sure to add how many GIF's per character.

4. Show/movie/youtubevideo: (if you have the link to the youtube video and already know what you want, you can send it. If you are getting a large package but have small time stamps - please add a few different options for me to gif just in case i run out of content when doing large packages.)

5. Specific scenes: (You can time stamp the scenes, or leave it up to me. ) - when given a scene/movie/or character to creatively look for, i look for emotions/fighting/romance/angst etc. If you do not give me specific scenes, i will go from beginning to end with the content you want me to gifs. EX. Starting on season 1 - episode 1 - and Gif from the first scene on.  make sure you are specific - you don't have to have time stamps but note what season/movie in the franchise etc.

6. What you don't want: (if there is anything specific in these movies/youtube/show, that you do not want but it is in the midst of what you want, leave that here)

7. Am i grabbing aesthetics of the movie?: Such as vibes, scenery - ex: Witchy vibe movies will often come with magical books, witch craft aesthetics such as harry potter.

If i have any further questions, i will ask during your project intake.

I accept payment in Paypal and cashapp - Paypal is a min. 1$ charge due to the fee. 

Your packages will be done in the order they are put in (unless your files are harder to get) in that case, it could take a little longer. Every order is different so time frame applys. I will judge each project separately and give a guesstimate when i take the order. If you want to see me stream your project, make sure you let me know so i can notify you when i go live. 

Once i start your order, i will message you immediately to let you know. I will keep you updated before and through the order. I will send you a few sample GIF's through out so you know what you are getting. 


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