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Years before Mari is even born, Mari's mom and her aunt Val were sold by their parents in Venezuela, their parents wanted to obtain legal papers and to get out the debt they were in. After selling Iris (Mari's mom) and Val to a wealthy old man, he forced Iris to marry him and she was only like fifteen at the time while he was like forty. Iris ends up pregnant with his baby, but is almost accidentally killed by him out of anger and alcohol. Val instead protects her sister and kills the man, they take his money and flee to Mexico. Iris gives birth to Sam (Mari's older half-brother) and Val takes all their money and leaves her sister behind before going to the US.

While in Mexico, Iris meets the Crown Prince of Costa Luna and the two fall in love pretty quickly. A few months after they are married, Iris is expecting a baby girl. Nine months later, Iris gives birth to Mariposa Sofía Rosalind Maria Vargas Gonzalez Delgado Ramirez.

Originally over hundreds of years ago it was named Islas Cielitas and was located inbetween Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands, an archipelago of an island ruled by its governing monarch, King of Islas Cielitas. But a volcano erupted, creating a major disaster, and the resulting earthquake altered the flow of a major river, creating separation between the islands. Thus from one formed three, Costa Estrella, Costa Luna and Costa del Sol. The people had to come together to overcome the disaster, but now the island is divided into 3. The King's wife had given birth to triplets and the King named each one an heir to the 3 islands.

The farms on volcano island are destroyed, and the island itself is literally higher than the others. One of the islands is smaller, with a lot of marshy coastline. There is an island of farmers, and island of fishermen, and island of merchants. Costa del Sol would be the highest one, Costa Estrella would be the small one, and Costa Luna would be the farm one. The volcano is on Costa del Sol, which is how it became Sun Island. It had the mountain, and so had the palace.

Islas Cielitas was always a little archipelago, but the islands were so close together, travel was easy. Some places, you could just walk over a sandbar. Then the mountain erupted. The people didn't know it was a volcano. There was much fleeing over the water to the other islands. But volcanoes also ruin the sky. The sky went dark for days. It was truly the darkest time for the people. They found solace in one another, but disaster breeds adversity which breeds hatred. The rivers changed and the islands became more separate.

Sun Island was problematic. The terrain is rough and hard to build on. It is very hilly, and not good for farming. The palace is rebuilt, and the rich nobility live here. The nouveau riche merchants who can afford to build there come, too. Star Island soon finds itself covered in docks and boats. Fishing is plentiful and easy. Moon Island is closest to Sun Island. It benefits the most from the volcano. The volcano makes it's soil rich and perfect for farming.

Current day, Mari's dad's double coronation will be held next month where he will be crowned King of Costa Estrella and Costa Luna. Mari's great-grams, Rosie's mom Sofia, is the current Queen of Costa del Sol. But she's old and ready to retire after only holding her title for seven years. Which means her dad will be the one to officially reunite the islands or so he hopes. And if not, Mari is the Crown Princess of Costa Luna, Costa Estrella and Costa del Sol. But with her mom being from outside the royal family, some don't believe she's ready to rule. Her cousins are Bentley Inez and Britain Inez. Her aunts are Val and Ronnie. Her brother-in-law is Luca Inez.

27 years old. Actress best known for playing Alex on the Disney Channel along with a few movies and two studio albums before she broke away from Disney. Released two other studio albums with Interscope and a handful of other singles along with a few collabs. Party girl, fluent in Spanish, English and sarcasm. Loves to travel, smoke weed, watch Marvel movies and hang out with her friends. Would rather be eating tacos and drinking margaritas on a beach then dealing with asshats. Has slowly been writing Spanglish songs with a few different artists but hasn't released anything yet. Working on the music videos for them, and she's also currently filming her new cooking show. Until I develop more, that is it.


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