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Sample/Starter: New Home.

Theme: Main Story, Home, Flash Back.
Song Theme: Faded.
Prompt: Home, New Home, Memories.

Freya was a small girl around the age of seven. Her face was glowing with a bright smile stretched over her pale face. Her dark brown hair tugged into a tight ponytail with a white ribbon in her hair. Just to be more fitting, her eyes were the same colour as her hair and she looked completely like the side of her father and grandmother’s side of the family. The little girl ran in her white summer dress with the straps tied around her little neck. Her skinny body running down the staircase with a book hugged tightly to her chest, while her white flat shoes noisily tapped onto the wooden floor below her.

Early in the year, she was moved from her family house to her grandparents. Grandfather had already died before she knew who he was, but her grandmother still lived and took her in. Freya, being too young, didn’t understand. Although she was knew her mother had her issues, she wasn’t sure why they had to fight. The old house was of Victorian make. Grandmother made it from scratch. It was supposed to be a copy of another house she didn’t use now. Someday that would be Freya, if she moved there.

The red wooden floor was completely polished, a couple of servants roaming the house, stepping out of the way. Every wall in the hallway had an outward rose pattern and white wallpaper. The small home was a maze to her still, after being here since she was three. Thankfully, down the stairs and around the corner lead to double doors that lead into a wide living room for family and guests.

When she first came here, she stared in awe, since it filled the entire room with things she had never seen in her life. Grandmother was a lover of old things, to which Freya seemed to find the same love for herself. The entire room had a dark look with red wooden walls around them in certain squared parts. The same wallpaper from the hallway was used, just in deep red and golden roses in here. Eventually, her eyes drifted to the woman sitting in the chair.

“How many times are you going to stare at everything?” She chuckled at her only grandchild. Her tendency to get distracted easily, pulling amusement out of the old woman. “Come along, or you’ll be going to bed without a story.” She gently scolded, Freya, being the timid girl, flushed with embarrassment at her slight scolding before quietly moving over to her grandmother’s knee to read.

The book she placed into her hands revealed Cinderella, a a natural love for the brunette. Instead of opening it like she usually did, her small hand pressed on the book and glanced at her grandmother. Her eyes were wide and brown, which she got from her mother’s side of the family, if only that. “Grandmother?”


Jean was constantly called grandmother lately. She forgot her own name during her old age. No one came around anymore. Freya was a darling thing, curious and clearly hurt by the hardship she had to face. Jean was a thin woman who forgot to eat so often she became too thin to walk around on her own. The wrinkles on her face revealed the stress she took on, along with the dark circles under her eyes.

Hazel hues peered at the little girl with warmth. “What is it, dear?” she asked her, while opening the book. She also wore a summer dress, white with gentle roses in red going over the white fabric - a style her grand daughter enjoyed.

The big small on young Freya’s face disappeared over there scolding, her eyes staring at the book and then her guardian. Her lips pressing together, almost as if she wanted to keep them from trembling. “..Will mother really come tomorrow?” She asked in a small voice, her tone unsure. Whether she wanted her mother to even come at this point was a question she asked herself often.

“Oh... Dear, I’m not sure...”

There was a small pang, but the hurt didn’t register on the child’s face for a moment. Freya eyed her grandmother and smiled a little. “Oh... Can we read now?” She slowly moved on just as quickly, having no heart to tell her guardian of the relief she felt....

-Years later.-

The gentle breeze curled her long brown hair over her shoulder. Her window in the car opened while she drove through the new city. Big brown eyes blinking just a tad, coming back to earth from the flashback to the past. Why did I think about that? Melinda wondered, glossy lips frowning just slightly. The memory was a little off-putting considering she used to only remember grandmother Jean being old and weak, too little strength to even move around.

From the car she grew into a woman her twenties and seemed to be more wary and tired than happy, her eyes are still wide like her mother’s side of the family while her skin was now slightly less pale because of her time outside of home. Gathering her school things before leaving home was much easier after her grandmother died. The hatred for the rest of the family became known enough to get them to leave her be after her teenage years.

Her car was a silver Mercedes. After going to school, her intention was to gain money, even if she had to gain some around the house and save it up. No one knew she planned on buying a car to get away from them. She wasn’t stupid enough to spend it just to make them happy, but lying wasn’t completely bad. Not with them at least, and she used to lie whenever her gift came up or something relating to it.

The car slowly drove up to a Victorian house like her grandmother used to describe to her. It wasn’t perfect and there was a lot of work to be done... But it was good enough.

Freya put the car in a park over the small hill she had near the house, then pulled out her keys and black hand bag before opening the car door to get out. Outside of the car, she was wearing a slim pair of jeans and a black blouse with a fancy black blouse at the edge of her sleeves and at the bottom of the blouse by her waist. The only jewellery on her neck was a golden locket in the shape of a heart, and tear drop earrings matching her blouse. Her pumps clicked on the floor while she closed the door and locked her car down.

Why did she bother unpacking her things? Melinda looked up to see the sun just raising into the sky after driving for most of the night and dropping into a crabby hotel. Then she stepped back onto the road. She was still tired. Her back turned to view the house and looked it over.

It wasn’t as big as she thought it would be, but for just her, this was perfect. Grandmother suggested it was larger inside, two stories high designed with a yellow paint on the outside and black roof, flat unlike the rest. The first floor was a living room, kitchen and with a dining room, but upstairs had a guest bathroom, main bathroom and three bedrooms.

Freya smiled genuinely for once, her smile stretching over her face in a soft smile. “...Not bad, gran..” she muttered under her breath.


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