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06/22/2022 02:19 PM 

Let them stare. (Drabble)

"Let them stare."

He’d never been all that sad when Starcourt Mall burned down. It had been another money grab from the wealthy overlords of Hawkins, desperate for just another goddamned dime in their pocket at the expense of each and every store bowing down below them.

First his favourite music store went, the place he got his babe; the guitar that he hung with pride against the littered wall of his bedroom. She got him through. The gigs gave him hope of one day sticking his finger up to the f***ing construct that was capitalism and she was going do more than just get him through, she was going to get him there. Eddie had dreams of following in the footsteps of his idols; Bruce D*ckinson and Lemmy. He’d send money back to support Wayne, to get him somewhere better than the trailer he ended up in, working constantly for a living wage and to keep him when his parents were no longer around. But first they would need more than around five drunks that happened to still be in the bar when they finally got on to play to actually watch them.

Then went the record store, his solace, the place he could always guarantee had good music playing and characters just like him. He could picture them in games, which one would hold an axe and which would be swift with a sword. Even the homeless guy that sat outside had more spark that some of the zombies that walked the halls of that repulsive tomb of conforming, witless fools.

So, when Jason Carver, King of the School, talked about the fire that took down Starcourt and how winning some basketball game played at the local high school was for them, Eddie couldn’t help but chuck his head back in loud, boisterous laughter. A blow to capitalism was exactly what was needed, and if it took out a few lives in the process, it wouldn’t be a basketball game that was going to make up for it. It got him looks, heads turning so eyes could lock of him but all Eddie did was grin. Two middle fingers raised; he extended his tongue down his chin in an act of sheer defiance. Let them stare.


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