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Name: Noah Eric Brooks
Playby: Brad Pitt
Connection: Father

Jacob and Eric have always had a very contentious relationship. When Jacob was born,
Eric was not ready to be a father, that never changed. Having grown up in a
violent household, Eric wasn’t taught patience – he raised his
children the only way he knew how, but Jacob has never found it in him to forgive his father.


Name: Cynthia Lee “Violet” Brooks
Playby: Nastassja Kinski
Connection: Mother

Cynthia and Jacob’s relationship leaves Jacob with more questions than
answers. Growing up, she was always much nicer than Eric most of the time,
but years of not protecting him or his younger siblings left Jacob somewhat jaded on their
relationship. He tries not to hang onto the anger he has for her, but it can be difficult.

Name: David Shane Brooks
Playby: Frankie Muniz
Connection: Younger Brother

Jacob and David were not close when they were children. Growing up, Jacob believed Eric was
easier on David than he was on Jacob, and right away resentment between the two formed.
When Jacob left home, David envied him for escaping.  It’s only been just recently that the
two have begun working on their relationship.

Name: Mary Sarah Brooks
Playby: Conchita Campbell
Connection: Younger Sister

Jacob and Mary have always been close, from the moment Mary was first
brought home from the hospital. Both Jacob and David have
always been protective of Mary, and protecting her from Eric became the
only thing the two of them could put aside their differences for. Jacob
and Mary have kept in contact since Jacob left home.

Name: Lily Paige Brooks
Face: Mackenzie Ziegler
Connection: Younger Sister

When Lily was first born, Jacob was approaching high school, and able to assist
with her much more than his other siblings.
As a result, he was extremely involved in helping raise her, but the two have not had much
of a relationship since Jacob left home. She was only a baby when Jacob decided to leave for California.

Name: Reuben Williams
Face: Dimitrius Collins
Connection: Bandmate

Reuben plays rhythm guitar, and synthesizer in 24 Times Rock. Reuben first became acquainted with
the band when they were all contestants on the same season of Talent!. When they were first
looking for their backing musicians, Reuben came up right away as Jacob and Isaiah formed a close relationship with
them while they were on the show.

Name: Elijah Davis
Face: Andrew Perusi
Connection: Bandmate

Elijah Davis had gained a social media following by posting covers, original songs and
music tutorials. After connecting online with the band, Elijah sat in on a few shows,
and eventually became their core bass-player. Jacob and Elijah have always had
a lot in common – they bond most frequently on music and video games.

Name: Sophia Marie Langley
Face: Gisele Bündchen
Connection: Ex-Girlfriend

Sophia Langley is a hotel heiress with a massive social media following and a thirst for drama.
Sophia was Jacob’s first serious girlfriend. As a partner, Sophia
was extremely jealous and controlling, and Jacob
usually obligedbecause it was what he was used to. Jacob eventually called
things off after beginning a relationship
with Lorelei Gray while on tour.

Name: Byron James
Face: Trevor Noah
Connection: Manager

Byron James has been in the music industry for years – all of his accolades made him the perfect judge for
Talent!, which is where he first met Jacob and his brothers. Right away, eh formed a special
connection with them, especially Casey. Once the show was over, and things began to come out about the
damage done behind the scenes by the Ballinger family, it bonded Byron to them more and he was asked to
manage the band. Without Byron, 24 Times Rock would never have gotten where they are.



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