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06/21/2022 08:19 PM 

AC #30

A Day In The Life
Of Lily Marie Bower
6am - Hear the alarm blaring on the bedside table and attack the snooze button until it gets stuck before rolling over and going back to sleep.

7am – Repeat 6am but panic a little because you think you’ve slept in for too long. Glare at the clock and realize you can sleep a little longer

8am – Finally crawl out of bed, shower, dress, and try to look like a normal human being for the day. Walk carefully out the bathroom, keeping an eye out for the demonic hell kitten and its sneak attacks from around every god damn corner.

8:46am – Cuss and yell at Pickles for jumping around the corner and attacking your legs and feet again. Tell Pickles that if he does it again, he’ll go live somewhere else. You know it’s a lie, he knows it a lie because you love the little hellspawn.

9:04am – Finally get out of the house and climb onto the bike to head to Motek for the morning coffee. Annoy Atarah until she kicks you out and tells you to hurry up and go to work otherwise, you’ll get yelled at again. Find a table outside and sit there for another twenty minutes scrolling through social media and if the mood strikes, take a selfie.

9:27am – Finally get to work and park in the normal spot but complain that it’s too far from the door and sit there for a minute debating whether you really want to go inside and have a productive day.

9:43am – 10am – Finally go inside because you need to be productive. Unlock the office door and grumble about the mess that you left the day before. Try to clean up before everyone else arrives but somehow make it worse. Make a note to hire someone who is super organized to help with the cluster f***.

10am – 1pm – Throw yourself into the workload, forgetting that you need to eat throughout the day and only stop when the hunger pains are consistent. Move into your back office and order something because you’re not organized enough to bring lunch from home. Sit down for an hour and pretend you don’t exist while sending Lucy all the memes you can find.

2pm – 6pm - Continue working until it gets dark outside, and you are the only one left in the garage. Finish up what you’re doing and lock up for the night. Climb back on the bike and head out to whatever bar takes your fancy for a little drink.

6pm – 7pm – Find a place that sells food as well and have dinner out because you know you can’t cook to save your life. Scarf down some food and a drink and realize that you’ve had enough of being in public and head home.

7pm – 8pm – Finally get home and forget that Pickles attacked you this morning. Go hunting for said demon spawn and force your love on the kitty before feeding him again and making sure he’s a happy little bean.

8pm – 10pm – Get a bottle of whiskey and pour a couple of drinks before sitting in front of the tv and either binge-watch a show or a movie. Periodically message people throughout the show/movie until you fall asleep on the couch.

12am – Wake up on the couch with a stiff neck and scamper off to bed, ready to repeat the same again the next day.


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