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06/20/2022 10:11 PM 

hometown horror: reimagined.

At first, the drive through the California desert is almost a lighthearted adventure. They pass the time by blasting music through the car speakers, and singing at the top of their lungs. Unconsciously, Jacob, Casey and Isaiah usually fall into a natural harmony whenever all three of them got in on a song together. In between songs they love, they try and solve all the world’s problems, as only the four of them can. It’s all welcomed, because the four of them are heading straight for a lion’s den. As the road signs transition from California signs to Nevada signs, things become quieter and quieter – more tense. Jacob’s had the wheel for most of the drive, but on their final stop for gas, he admits he needs Isaiah to take the wheel.

Casey and Isaiah move to the front so Jacob and Cecilia can sit in the back. They hold hands, but Jacob’s eyes stay focused out the window as things become more and more familiar. Last time he saw this exact route, he was watching it through the window of a crowded bus going from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. The car ride remains quiet. When it comes to the four of them – Jacob, Cecilia, Casey and Isaiah – they’re usually able to lift each other’s spirits but the spirits in that car are too heavy this time. Jacob finds himself wondering why he ever even agreed to coming down to this sh*thole town to have a terribly cooked dinner with people he doesn’t even like.

Jacob’s parents, and his two younger sisters still live in the same house Jacob grew up in. Every screaming match – every beating, every broken object – it’s all coming back to him and he finds himself shuddering just a bit. The outside hasn’t changed, except for the cars out front. Jacob glances out the window beside him, rather than looking forward, tuning in as Isaiah asks Casey how come Christian didn’t want to come. How Isaiah can think about Christian right now is beyond Jacob, but maybe it’s because Isaiah’s hardly spent any time with Eric over the years. The car comes to a stop at the end of the driveway and Isaiah says, “I guess we’re here.”

“I guess so,” flies out of Jacob’s mouth and he’s not even sure why.

They all get out of the car and they make their way to the front door. It’s nearing 4:30pm, and last he remembers, his mom usually likes to start dinner that early. It takes her forever to open the door, but she finally does and Jacob nearly doesn’t recognize her. She’s cut off most of her hair into a short bob, and she’s got bangs now. She doesn’t have any makeup on, which she used to wear almost daily even if she wasn’t going anywhere. “Hi,” she says with a crooked smile. She goes in for a hug that causes Jacob to tense up, but in an attempt not to make things any MORE awkward, he accepts and he wraps one arm around her.

“Wow, you got tall,” she jokes before standing back. “Come on in, dinner’s almost ready and your dad will be here soon.” She then steps aside.

All four oblige and she leads them all to the kitchen while attempting to make small talk aimed at the two she’s most familiar with – Isaiah and Jacob. “And so, you’re Jacob’s wife, and….I’m sorry…what’s your name again?” She then asks, pointing at Casey.

“Casey, mom.” Jacob says.

“Right, right! Sorry, I’m so bad with names…” She says, leaving Jacob stunned that excuse is still a her go to.

The kitchen table is new – it’s bigger and a deep brown. The chairs have cushions. He wonders where they got the money for it, while he sits down and waits for the others to sit down with him. He’s not sure what to expect from that evening, but whatever it is must be extremely important for Eric to tolerate having all of them around.


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Bloody Vαleɴтιɴe


Feb 17th 2023 - 8:35 PM

Usually car rides with the guys were a ton of fun. There would be laughing, joking and a much lighter mood all around. This car ride however had all the fun of getting your teeth drilled. Cece wasn't really sure what to expect but Jacob, Casey and Isaiah clearly knew what was in store. Sure she knew the stories and frankly she wasn't all that excited to meet Jacob's parents but this was going to be the first time she experienced it herself and the first time meeting the parents.

Jacob was holding her hand tightly, and she gently rubbed her thumb over his just to add some comfort. As they got closer all of them got quiet and lost in their own thoughts. Cece couldn't help but frown, she hated seeing them all this way. A good fifteen minutes had passed and finally they were in front of the Brooks home. While it was exciting seeing where Jacob grew up she also knew the pain that plagued Jacob having Eric Brooks as a father. 

Reluctantly they all exited the car, Jacob's fingers laced tightly with hers as they walked to the door. "You got this." she said softly to Jacob right before the door opened, and they were greeted by Cynthia Brooks. She seemed a bit frazzled but was polite as she went in for a hug that made Jacob tense up quickly. When she addressed Cece she simply called her Jacob's wife and then quickly looked at Casey whom she claimed to have forgotten his name, this woman was a piece of work. 

"Cece, it's nice to meet you." They were quickly escorted inside, and they took a seat around the table. Glancing at Jacob she saw the worried look on his face while Casey had one of disgust and Isaiah looked strangely happy. 

Cynthia started putting glasses in front of everyone and then put a pitcher of lemonade down in the middle of the table. Isaiah was the first to pour a glass while he asked a question about their other siblings. 

"Ahh, yeah they will be coming with him." She replied continuing to set the table. "Hey, let me help" Isaiah said standing up. Cece looked at Jacob and gave him a soft smile before kissing his temple. "It will all be over soon."



Jan 19th 2023 - 4:23 PM

There’s not much to be celebrating or singing about, but on some level, everyone’s trying to pretend that they’re not driving themselves into the depths of Hell. In a few hours, they’ll be right in the center of it. Casey’s had his fair share of misfortunes, but he’s ultimately been lucky not to have to deal with Eric for extended periods of time. His dad’s been happy to live life like he never existed, and even when he’d visited the Brooks’ house as a kid, Eric acknowledged him as if he were a friend from school.

Even so, he’s not immune to the tension in the air. Frankly, he’s not super sold on the idea that Eric’s turned over a new leaf, and he can’t fathom anyone else is buying it either. Furthermore, he’d always said he’d sooner die than return to Pahrump for any reason, but here he is. Out the window, he can see all the roads he used to wander around as a kid — the water tower he’d spent hours upon hours climbing as a kid.

He can see trails of dirt he’d ridden his bike along, getting home from school or getting away from home. His mom pops into his head. He hasn’t told her he’s gonna be there and doesn’t plan to, but the thought of running into her at any point still unnerves him.

Casey rubs his temple, settling further in his seat. He knows he could have easily, understandably, ducked out, but he couldn’t let Jacob go alone.

“Christian didn’t wanna come see this trainwreck?” Isaiah jests, trying to lighten the mood a little when things get quiet.

Casey rolls his eyes. “Ch’yeah… right.”

“Things not so good between you two?”

“This isn’t really his deal, you know?” Casey considers briefly that dragging Christian through all his woes is what scared him off ultimately. He didn’t say it when he broke it off, but Casey knows it. “He doesn’t really need to be here anyway.”

The house is just like he remembers it, standing tall in the middle of town. Eric’s always had a knack for taking on a bunch of house projects and it shows in the condition of the place. When he was little, he remembers him and Jacob playing around in all the cars in the yard, though there aren’t any now. They all walk up to the door and Cynthia gets the door, hollow as ever. She gives Jacob and Isaiah a hug, but doesn’t really seem to remember Casey anymore.

For the best, he thinks to himself.

She asks his name as they’re heading to the table and it’s Jacob who answers. Casey’s just been minding his own, looking around the house. He takes a seat next to Jacob at the table while Cynthia wanders off to finish something in the kitchen.

Isaiah’s the one still trying to fill the silence. “So, where’s the kids at? Dad bringing ‘em?”


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