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06/12/2022 03:52 PM 

My rules

Lenore Devereaux!
Rules that have to be follow
Due to recent problems I have had with some roleplayers, I feel the need to write some rules that must be followed for rp with me. I hope you understand and can follow them.

1.) Potty mouth: this is perhaps the reason why I decided to make this list of rules. My character says a lot of swears when he gets angry, it's part of the character. If you can't stand that, please don't rp with me. My character is also cruel and evil when the storyline warrants it. I'm sorry, but that's just the way she is. 

2.) Writing: My way of writing is Para to Multi Para. It also depends on how inspired I am at the time but generally, it's always Para to Multi Para. Although when I get inspired, I can get to Novella xD

3.) Patience: Please, you have to be patient. You're not the only person I RP with and sometimes I get a lot of replies. I beg you to be patient and wait a bit, it's not too hard to do. 

4.) Replies: After I reply to your starter or reply, please wait at least 2 days before replying, the reason is because it gives me time to work on other replies I have backlogged. Another thing I want to mention is the following: If I send you a starter, please don't ignore it, because that's time I spend on it and it falls very badly if you reply or just delete me. 

5.) Posts: I usually Rp in comments or in groups, but I really prefer it to be in groups because it can be carried in a more detailed and organized way to RP. I do not rp in messages. 

6.) Smut: Actually this rule is too much but it is necessary to say it. My character is a GIRL, I don't do any kind of sexual or suggestive Rp. NO NO and NO. Period!

7.) Verses: While my character belongs to the X-Men world, I also often rp in verses like Stranger things, Charmed and any other paranormal verse. Crossovers are more than welcome.

8.) Language: Some people are somewhat aggressive when they read a typo. I want to clarify that the language I speak is Spanish, English is my second language, which I am still learning. Please be nice.

9.) Friend request: I still apply the same phrase from myspace "You add, you talk". If you send me a friend request, you must write me by message to say hello or discuss about some SL. I always give a one week deadline to communicate with me, after that, i delete you.

10.) Resources pages and RPG groups: I dont add this kind of pages. I had very bad experience with them. Sorry but i dont want more drama and toxic people around my page.

11:) Lenore's Diary: I have my group where i keep all my storylines and rp with people. Like i said, i do not rp on messages and barely on comments. Be sure to join the group. Click here


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ᴅᴏʀɪᴀɴ ɢʀᴀʏ


Aug 30th 2022 - 4:23 PM

Read and understood 



Jun 12th 2022 - 4:17 PM

Thanks and i love that too, i love Lenore to be a rebel potty girl xD



Jun 12th 2022 - 4:09 PM

Thank you, you inspirated me to this xD

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