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06/09/2022 07:56 PM 

A wolf made of Iron- Drabble


“The real nightmare begins when I wake up and realize they really are gone and I am alone” 


The night started like any other. The pack had gathered for another annual bonfire, a tradition that Alpha Anthony Carter Kingston Sr (King’s father) had started when he took over as Alpha. It was a night for the pack to get together, share a meal and catch up with those they hadn't seen for various reasons. It was also a night where members could air their grievances about how the pack was being run, or give the Alpha suggestions on what could be fixed. Bonfires in the past had maybe thirty or so participants but that night, every single member of the Deep Water Pack had arrived. Alpha Anthony and Luna Eillianna were in their prime, never before had so many members come to a pack bonfire unless there was a birth, wedding or something else that was to be celebrated. They moved like most, drunken men and women enjoying the company of their brothers and sisters. Children playing a game of keep away and hide and go seek where every other turn they would change the rules and almost always someone was getting upset and having to run to their mother to settle the argument. Teens attempted to sneak off to find their own private party spot only to get caught by the elders and shooed back to the rest of the party where the others could keep an eye on them. Music sang out from all corners of the converted little campsite and every once in a while a rumble would roll through the entire encampment as the pack joined in on their own form of a team chant. Its hard to imagine that with all the joy and laughter in the air, that this night would turn into such chaos. Anthony Carter Kingston Jr (King) was a boy of five at the time, like most of the kids in the pack he was running around and enjoying the night. That all changed when the sudden sounds of screaming came from the opposite side of the encampment. 


The sounds of laughter and cheer quickly faded to the sounds of bone cracking and the ripple of magic in the air as the shift affected every wolf in the vicinity. Mothers ran for their children and husbands ran to defend their pack. The bonfire that had once been burning in a single pit in the middle of the encampment had suddenly spread and started to engulf everything leaving nothing in its wake. Standing in the middle of the chaos, with wolves running in every direction and the screams of his people echoing all around him, little King stood trapped in fear of the scene around him. “KING! KING! SOMEBODY FIND MY SON! FIND THE ALPHA’S SON” panicked screams could be heard from all corners as members of his fathers guard attempted to brave through the chaos in search of the Alpha’s only heir. “THE ALPHA AND LUNA ARE LOST, SOMEBODY FIND KING!” another cried as Kingston, surrounded by a ring of fire, was completely cut off from the pack that was desperate to find him. The fire moved as if it had a mind of its own, either out rhyme or reason but one thing was for sure… it never faltered in its mission to take the lives of his pack. All however, but Kingston. To this day he has no idea why he was the only one to survive from his pack. His memory of that night, distinctly remembers that fire engulfing him, not to harm him but somehow protect him. Or at least that’s what he tells himself. 


The sound of his people's screams was burned into his memory, it was a sound that no matter how old he got could never forget. His sleep is haunted with nightmares of continuously watching his people relive that horrible night. Tossing and turning, yelling out and still no ability to wake himself up Kingston often goes without sleep to avoid having nightmares. “One day you’ll be the alpha of this pack King” is how the dream always starts, with his father by his side looking out over the wolves as they partied and relaxed by the bonfire. These nightmares all had one thing in common, they always ended with Kingston waking up covered in sweat and crying out for the parents that he so tragically lost.



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